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Main functions of the high quality vacuum robot cleaner

Main functions of the high quality vacuum robot cleaner

America – This article from the official blog of robot cleaner online seller will tell people main functions of this automatically cleaning machine.

Intelligent cleaning

After pressing the start button, the robot vacuum cleaner will enter into the automatically working condition without any human assistance.

Remote Cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner from also could be controlled by the infrared remote controller. This function let each housewife easily control their machine clean anywhere at home.


This automatically machine also has very slim body figure which could directly enter into the bottom of the furniture and finish the cleaning work.

Autonomous Navigation

There are five kinds of walking mode for this house cleaning machine and this advantages let this machine could achieve the full coverage cleaning which is trustworthy.

Edge Cleaning

The working modes of this robot vacuum cleaner include the side cleaning that the machine could walking along the wall path and cleaning the dead zones of the indoor environment.

The personality controlling interface

This machine has the LED friendly interface that could let people easily get the work status and then master it.

Automatic Charging

If the vacuum robot Cleaner is in the situation of lack of electricity, the machine will takes the initiative to find a charger for necessary charging.

Automatically preventing the falling

This machine own the function of auto anti-preventing as the specially sensor inside. If the machine is near the desktop, stepped surface and high position, people should not be worry about the falling condition.

Body surface design

The body of this machine is the fire resistance material ABS which could better remove the safety hazards. On the other hand, the high end baking workmanship of this machine could also reflect on the extraordinary taste and texture.

Prevent obstruction

The vacuum robot Cleaner from also has the function of anti-obstruction. If there is no way for its walking, they can take the initiative to quit.

Tim sterilization

When it is in the process of cleaning, this machine also owns the functions of adding fresh and sterilization. This will let the home cleaning work become so convenient.

Low noise

As the display of the official static, the job noise of this cleaning machine is only 50 decibels. Five times of charging will only cost one kWh.

Memory function

After charging is completed, the machine will automatically restore their former cleaning situation.

Shutdown Protection

When the machine is in the stuck stagnant situation, it will automatically enter into the situation of power off after 10 seconds to maintain the security situation.

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