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Main functions of the Iconcox car and personal tracking device

Main functions of the Iconcox car and personal tracking device

Today, the famous car and personal tracking device supplier will tell each client the main functions of their tracking devices.

SMS positioning

People could directly send text messages with the passwords to the device number and then the device will automatically determine whether authorize to the user or not. If it has been accessed, the related position information and status will be automatically saved and sent to mobile phone users as soon as possible.

Timing positioning

The related tracking equipment such as the Personal GPS Tracker can be timed to report the device current location information according to the user preset time.

Speed alarm

If the speed of the vehicle exceeds the pre-set speed, the related device could prompt the related alarm voice and then the car driver could do some action.

Network query

By accessing the related online system, people could easy to track their car position and the current status of the vehicle during the set period of time.

Power Monitoring

The device mainly uses the vehicle power supply and also uses the reserved lithium battery power, supplemented. When the main power is missing, the device will alert the users by SMS and automatically enable backup power.

Remote monitoring

The authorized phone number could call the equipment number at any time and then achieve the real-time monitoring around the vehicle.

Car remote lock

By sending the SMS message from the mobile phone, each user could easily achieve the remote oil circuit break and then achieve the purpose of locking the car.

In addition to above functions, the ICONCOX tracking devices could also have many other related functions and features. If you want to know more information about this, please visit website

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