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Make Your Home Elegant with Pro Shades

Make Your Home Elegant with Pro Shades

Pro Shades is a one stop solution for carports and any types of shades. The company was established in 2005, since then the company is providing outstanding services to their clients.

Pro Shades offers a wide range of shades and ports to the Western Cape area.  They provide a range of services to their clients.

Some of the products and services by Pro Shades that may interest you:

The carports by Pro Shades are made with advanced technology that protects your vehicle against the weather.

Patio Shades:
Patio shades offers you an area where you can relax on a warm summer day with your favourite book or refreshing beverage. You can breathe a fresh air along with your outdoor surroundings. Pro Shades gives you this opportunity to enjoy the nature with patio shades.

Shade Ports:
Shade ports from Pro-Shades are the best under the sun. They offer the perfect shading that protects your property from bad weather. Shade ports are specially designed for strength and the quality of protection they offer. They are attractive and enhance your business by providing a comfortable work environment for your employees.

Awning Service:
Pro Shades offers a diverse selection of awnings for sale, such as rain awnings, sun and patio awnings. Their expert staff will choose the ideal model that suits your needs. Awnings protect your door, windows and furniture.

Drop down blinds:
Drop down blinds are available in ‘gear control’ or ‘cord control’ options. Blinds are fully assembled with rope and pulleys attached. Drop down blinds are also available in canvas. They are made with shadecloth material and soltis material. Soltis material is perfect because one can see the outside when inside it, but nothing from the inner chambers are visible from outside.

Pro Shades offers quality pergolas in Cape Town. Pergola is a shade outside your home that provides you a fresh and well defined appeal to your residence. Pro Shades offers you well designed pergolas that not only give you shade to relax in, but also provides an elegant look to your house.

Retractable blinds:
Pro Shades offers retractable blinds that cool down your room and you can enjoy a hot summer day in the cool environment.

To know more about Pro Shades’ services and products, please visit their website at:

About the Company:
Pro Shades is a renowned company that offers all types of shades. They are at a leading position since 2005. The company is also well known for their outstanding customer service. They know how to add value to your property as well as protect your car and home against weather element.

92 Appledene Road, Silvertown, Athlone
Cape Town 7764
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel:     021 638 5167
Fax:    086 545 3400
Cell:    073 190 6008

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