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Making EML files in Outlook PST Accessible

Making EML files in Outlook PST Accessible

Email Clients are one of most secure and easiest way for managing emails, along with it they also serve the purpose of maintaining contacts, calendar, notes. Nowadays we have many applications which are also providing live messaging services.

The core purpose of all email clients may be same, but a deeper analysis shows that most varied widely from each other, especially when it comes to saving data. Most application uses different file type to save data. It helps securing data and making those inaccessible to unauthorized users.

 Isn’t EML file type supported by multiple application?

Yes, it is true that EML is one of those file type, which is supported by many application, both Windows and Mac based. Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and many such applications support this format.

Does Microsoft Outlook support EML files?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook is not an EML friendly application, it only support PST file type. Unlike EML files, which contains single file, PST is a storage type, which can contain large number of files easily.

1 EML = 1 Email

1 PST = There can be any number of files from empty to infinity

Any option to view EML files in Outlook

Well, if the EML files can be converted into PST format, then it can be done. A manual process for it is.

  • Copy all EML files/folder and paste them in Windows Live Mail store location: C:\Users\ logon \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
  • Have both Windows Live Mail and Outlook (Keep both open in same machine)
  • Come to Windows Live Mail Screen Click File >> Export >> Email Messages
  • As the dialog box appears click on OK
  • Choose the EML files/folder
  • Click Export >> finally click on finish (file save in PST)
  • Now switch to Outlook
  • Go to File >> Open >> Open & Export >> Outlook Data File >> Choose PST


  • Windows Live Mail installation is necessary
  • Difficult to export large or heavy EML files
  • High Chances of Data Loss
  • A bit confusing and some may find it lengthy as well

100% guaranteed and risk-free method

If you want a quick and simpler method for converting EML files to PST file type, then use EML to PST Converter, which in three steps completes the process. It is independent tool that works without support from any other application. This solution is useful for large scale and heavy EML file migration.


EML files are universal file, but still Outlook does not provide support to this file type. Manual method for accessing EML files in Outlook, is free and useful for small-scale migration but when large number of files and crucial data are involved, then why take the risk, it is better to go with EML to PST Converter, which is simple and secure solution.

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