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Malcolm Thomas Launches New Website: MMThomasblog

Malcolm Thomas Launches New Website: MMThomasblog

Malcolm’s website is designed to assist non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative professionals in making well-informed decisions about popular Do-It-Yourself website builders. The website focuses on providing high quality, unbiased reviews, like this one , as well as highlighting the specialized advice on website creation.

As part of his objective to provide valuable information on the market of code-free website builders, Malcolm is proud to introduce a series of detailed comparison articles, where he puts the most popular website builders head-to-head.

Having reviewed over 15 site construction services over the past year, Malcolm continues his market research. He focuses on three main types of web services: Do-It-Yourself website builders, code-free platforms for creative professionals and advanced site builders for developers. He has many free and premium accounts with various website builders and is also subscribed to their newsletters. All this helps him track and understand trends in each sector of the market. By combining his direct experience with in-depth analysis of the market, Malcolm provides reliable and unbiased articles that help readers make informed decisions.

In addition to offering quality content, Malcolm advises on website creation. He communicates with his growing audience through the commenting system on his website and also social media.

Founder and editor-in-chief of MMThomasblog said: “I’m really excited to launch this website. I’m always delighted to discover something new, especially when it comes to website builders. Though I’ve already reviewed about twenty web services, there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I’m really eager to continue that work.”

About the Company:

MMThomasblog offers high quality and comprehensive reviews and comparisons of the most popular Do-It-Yourself website builders. Founder and editor-in-chief of the website, Malcolm Thomas, personally assists his readers in creating their sites.

For more information on MMThomasblog visit

Company Name: MMThomasblog
Contact person: Malcolm Thomas
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Tel: +1 313 931-0042
Fax: +1 313 931-0042

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