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Manage Multiple Mail Accounts with Free Email Client

Manage Multiple Mail Accounts with Free Email Client

The Free Email Account is a free to download software that is one of the most popular tools used by many companies these days. The software is designed to help users use and manage multiple e-mail accounts on their PCs or laptops. Users can now access emails on various accounts such as MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Mozilla’s Thunderbird and many other such mail accounts without the need for additional software. With a good internet connection, users can access all their email clients with ease. They can now access their email accounts from any location be it from home, office or during vacation. The users don’t have to know anything about the software. All that they have to do is to simply download the software on their systems.

The best thing is that it is a free software and will remain one without any startup registration or hidden charges. Users will find this tool extremely simple with easy to use functions and features. The tool is also very small in size and hence does not require much space in the system. The tool is compatible with Windows OS and all those accounts that are compatible with Windows can be managed by the users. The tool is also packed with other features such as opening multiple tabs for better account management, the other regular features such as accessing multiple inboxes/ sent mails/ outboxes, archiving mails, delete mails, forwarding mails, replying mails, etc.

About Free Email Client

Free Email Client is a free to download tool that can be used to access as well as manager a particular user’s email on different accounts such as MS Outlook, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, IBM Lotus Notes, etc.


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