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Manners of Visitor for those cosplay activity

Manners of Visitor for those cosplay activity

America – First, the editor from the famous cosplay costumes for sale online seller halecosplay.com said that the Cosplay events are very happy activities for each participator. However, in order to promote mutual respect between people especially for each Cosplayer, there are somethings about the etiquette which each participator need to pay more attention. If you will take part in this kind of activity, please do not forget the following factors about this thing.

If you want to take pictures of those beautiful cosplayers, you should first get the agreement of those Cosplayers especially for the situation that you want to have picture together with those cosplayers. If the Cosplayer does not want to take picture with you, you need to stop your action. On the other hand, please do not interfere with other photographers around you. Wang more information about this, please contact the editor from www.halecosplay.com

Please carefully remember that each visitor does not have the right to criticize each Coser. Cosplay is personal interest activity which could help each cosplay lover consume their personal resentment rather than show activity or the public performances. So, whether the cosplayer¡¯s performance is good or not, you should not add your personal attitude as it is very rude. This situation should not be occurred on this occasion whether it is on-site or on internet.

If you want to talk with Coser, it is Ok but you need to remember that the basically respect is very necessary. It is indeed that each Coser must be a little bit tired as they need to take photo and deal with many other things. In a word, they will be very busy. In that case, please first ask the coser whether they have time to talk with you.

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