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Marketing in 2015 – Unique Multimedia Messaging System

Marketing in 2015 – Unique Multimedia Messaging System

San Francisco, CA –  February 2, 2015 – IM Media Group is pleased to announce their unique and comprehensive Multimedia Messaging System (MMS). The new system offers enhanced marketing for our clients and heightened response rates from consumers across many platforms.


Our new platform offers increased cross platform integration and dynamic content conversion (DCC) to make sure your message looks right on every device! This process automatically resizes your messages and converts your video and audio files to adapt to the user’s device. MMS sent through our system prod increased loyalty and a higher response rate.


By using our Media Services, we can utilize our MMS system to add an extra dimension of communication to your mobile marketing efforts. This means we can stretch your budget further with better results! With one touch of a button, IM Media can push your Videos, Images, Sounds, and Messages to thousands of individuals with stellar results.


Feel like blasting a hilarious viral gif to your clients to brighten up their Monday? Good choice. Traditional advertising streams seldom have a high response rate. Sending a good willed joke will bring your company’s image to the front of their mind without spamming them with constant advertisements.




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