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Marque Consulting: HR Consulting, Recruitment & Organisational Psychology Specialists

Marque Consulting: HR Consulting, Recruitment & Organisational Psychology Specialists

Melbourne, Australia; 29, January 2016: Marque Consulting Group is a specialist boutique recruitment firm. They offer extensive HR consulting services, psychometric assessment and executive coaching. Their goal is to help their clients achieve the best results in their businesses.

Marque Consulting

With many separate divisions, Marque Consulting Group is well-placed to offer premier recruitment services. Their offering covers the entire lifecycle of an employee. They carry out their work through a tailored solution for each client.

Recruitment and Selection by Design

Melbourne’s leading boutique recruitment provider offer only the best candidates for their clients. They base their recruiting processes on leading-edge psychological assessments and measures. Doing so helps to predict individual performance for a particular role.

They also match candidates by focusing on the needs of their clients. Attitude, aptitude, skills and knowledge are just some of the performance metrics they use. Find out more about the selection process by visiting www.marqueconsulting.com.au.

Executive Coaching

Marque Consulting Group understands the pathway people take from experts to leaders. As experienced leaders and managers themselves, they are well placed to offer executive coaching.

Their team work with clients to help them achieve their personal goals. They do so by providing a coaching experience that is both pragmatic and relevant.

The firm offers two types of coaching: situational and developmental.

Situational coaching is where someone needs help addressing a particular issue or need. It’s a form of coaching designed to negotiate a challenging problem. Although it’s short-term coaching, the principles can get applied to similar future problems.

Developmental coaching is more of a structured long-term engagement. Spanning several months, it’s a four-phase process that is both comprehensive and memorable. During the process, Marque gives and gain feedback at various points through the coaching.

Managed Services

Marque Consulting Group can offer their clients managed services. They can use one of three performance models. The result is they can gain greater control over a contingent workforce.

As a business grows, it must remain flexible to their changing operating needs. Meanwhile, it must still meet the demands of its customers. Marque Consulting Group helps companies to run a streamlined operation.

Psychometric Assessments

When selecting possible candidates for a role, it’s crucial to check their suitability. Psychometric testing is a real way of testing a person’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. Aside from having the right skills, it also shows if they’re aligned to the firm’s core values & culture.

Marque carries out psychometric assessments using a variety of cognitive aptitude and personality tests.

About Marque Consulting Group:

Based in Melbourne, they provide a range of boutique recruitment and HR solutions. From seeking the right candidates to offering coaching services, Marque is a one-stop shop. Their solutions help companies to develop their businesses as they grow. What’s more, they also offer a range of long-term development services.

For more information, contact:
Stephanie Fisher
Marque Consulting
1 Southbank Blvd
Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia
Tel: 1300 758 226
Email: stephanie.fisher@marqueconsulting.com.au
Website: http://www.marqueconsulting.com.au

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