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Marrakech Rated the World’s #1 Holiday Destination

Marrakech Rated the World’s #1 Holiday Destination

03, October 2015: Marrakech, in Morocco, has scooped the top spot in TripAdvisor’s esteemed Travellers’ Choice Awards. Receiving 10 million tourists a year, Morocco has a very strong tourist industry, and, as one of North Africa’s most stable countries in recent decades, tourism has become a consistent part of the country’s economy.

A Boost for the Travel Industry

Industry experts say travel-related companies such as airlines, hotels and travel insurance companies are feeling the positive effects of Morocco’s popularity as a mainstream tourist destination.

Travel insurance specialists InsureMore, who provide insurance packages for holidaymakers travelling to the African continent, say they’ve spoken to many of their customers about what it is that makes Marrakech such a successful and exciting holiday destination.

What Makes Marrakech Great According to the Holidaymakers

A spokesperson from InsureMore confirmed that Marrakech is becoming more and more popular with their customers, stating that, while many are enticed by the markets, architecture and amazing atmosphere, large numbers of them are also enjoying the surrounding area, with some saying their experiences just outside the city were the most memorable parts of their trip. Ballooning, camel-riding, off-road 4WD tours and rafting are some of the more popular activities available outside the city, and travel experts say anyone considering a holiday in Marrakech would be well-advised to consider activities such as these rather than focusing exclusively on sightseeing within the city.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

The spokesperson from InsureMore was keen to emphasise the importance of a suitable travel insurance package for visitors travelling to North Africa, saying that, while most holidays are incident-free, travel insurance offers a safety net as well as peace of mind. The company representative said: ‘Good insurance comes at a fairly minimal cost, but can help you avoid a potentially large financial burden in the unlikely event that you should require treatment while on holiday. Our travel insurance for Africa is tailored to the unique risks travellers may be confronted with in Morocco, and is therefore an ideal option for holidaymakers.’

Anyone wishing to experience the Trip Advisor #1 Holiday Destination in the World should contact their preferred travel agent for a list of itineraries.

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