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Maurice Connaughton: Sarasota’s Premier Realtor

Maurice Connaughton: Sarasota’s Premier Realtor


Maurice Connaughton is a premier realtor in the Sarasota area, with him and his partner Carlo Piras combined making up an impressive 25 years of experience in real estate. A professional in the property field, Maurice is also particularly proficient with international business transactions in his dealings with luxury real estate in Sarasota, Florida.

Maurice Connaughton was born and raised in Galway, Ireland and graduated from the University College in Galway in 1998 shortly before working in real estate development in Ireland. He moved to the United States in 2000. Since then, his reputation has continued to grow positively through the years in association with Sarasota’s Sotheby’s International Real Estate. It was not long before he decided to step out on his own and make his way in the real estate world of Sarasota.

Downtown Sarasota was the site of his company’s main office which opened in 2013 with Maurice Connaughton being founder of Sarasota Signature Real Estate. His goal for the new company was to provide both Sarasota and the international real estate with a top notch real estate company where customer service imperative. The goal of his company is to provide world class services to buyers, sellers and investors alike, even investing with potential clients if the appropriate to the situation.

The real estate and investing opportunities in Florida have always been attractive to buyers markets. Florida has prime real estate, both developed and undeveloped, that is highly desirable to those in the area as well as being internationally renowned. Maurice Connaughton of Sarasota Signature Real Estate’s has the skill and experience to help anyone interested in investing in the beautiful real estate of Florida. So whether a person is looking for a beautiful beach side home or seeking an investment to develop into a lucrative property, Maurice has the knowledge to help any person make their dreams come true.

Sarasota Signature Real Estate are also remarkably conscious of the needs and demands of international buyers. Maurice and his firm know how to deal with people from all over the world who wish to relocate or invest in scenic Southwest Florida. He has taken his knowledge garnered from working at some of the best real estate firms and is applying that knowledge to benefit those who wish to live and invest in property in the Sarasota area.

Sarasota Signature Real Estate pride themselves in being a company built on the success of their clients. Not only do they serve as brokerage agent for real estate investors, but also advise their clientele on the best ways to make their money grow in the real estate world today. They see their client’s success as being their true success.

Maurice is a very approachable realtor who is always ready to answer questions and gauge customer needs and desires and also sells and manages properties for his loyal customers. A person who buys investment property in the Sarasota area can rest assured that Maurice cares for their investment property as if it were his own, even if the owner is not in the United States. He and his company will be on the lookout for prime property deals, and act as a fiduciary on his client’s behalf. If a second opinion is needed on a project, Maurice is there to advise and provide guidance through his knowledge and experience.

Sarasota Signature Real Estate works closely with the Berlin Patten law firm to ensure that all real estate transactions are up front and legally secure. This helps ensure that the company’s reputation is above reproach, leading to transparency and foresight requisite for mature and ethical dealings.

Maurice Connaughton’s firm listens to their customers. He realizes that the enterprise is about best realizing the dreams and desires of his customers and asks questions to make sure his client’s needs are met. Whether he is negotiating a deal or advising a client on an investment, Maurice is always cognizant of his customer’s best interests at heart. This attention to detail and conscientious customer service makes Sarasota Signature Real Estate the comprehensive real estate company to deal with for purchases and investments in the Sarasota area.

The internationally oriented real estate service offers many types of real estate. Beachfront properties are in particular a highly desired specialty which their office often deals with. If a client happens to desire a luxury summer home is Sarasota, Maurice and his firm will drive themselves to find the perfect waterfront property to suit the bill. For the avid golf pro or enthusiast, Maurice will know the location of the best golf courses. If the client is on a budget, Maurice will find a bargain which still has the features his client wants.

Once a person has chosen to invest in a property sold by Sarasota Signature Real Estate, Maurice and his staff continue to aid and advise on working with the property to its best financial advantages. Maurice Connaughton and his dedicated staff at Sarasota Signature Real Estate are the colleagues needed when looking for a lucrative investment or the perfect beachfront home in the Sarasota area.

Sarasota Signature Real Estate is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence in real estate advice, management and customer satisfaction. For a young company still relatively in its infancy, it exudes the experience and capability of a much longer established company. Managed and owned by Maurice, it definitely has a secure future in the Sarasota real estate world.


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