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Media Freeware Launches Investment Calculator

Media Freeware Launches Investment Calculator

Investment Calculator app was recently launched by Media Freeware and it can keep users on top of things as far as their investments are concerned.

Everyone wants to make the right decision when it comes to their investments but it’s often easier said than done. That’s because investment calculations can be so tricky and can become the bane of one’s existence. The main aim behind the creation of this software is to help users carry out these calculations easily and in double quick time.

Investment Calculator has an initial deposit box where users can enter the deposit amount while the regular deposit box can be set to a chosen frequency. It could be daily, weekly or monthly based on one’s specific choices. The compound deposit frequency can also be easily picked and thus all the requisite information is filled up conveniently at the onset.

Finally, it comes to feeding in the interest rate and the app takes it into account to offer accurate calculations within hardly any time. Moreover the results can be easily customized as users can choose factors like number of years and the interest will be calculated for each year.

A graph of the calculations can give users a good indication as to what their investments will eventually look like. But there’s another option of choosing two alternate plans and then noting the interest rate for each one of them. Thus users will be able to make a smart and informed decision for their investments.

This is a free app that is actually quite appealing to use. It has an intuitive interface, which makes it a delight to work with.

About Investment Calculator

It is a free app that lets users make calculations regarding their investments with ease.

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