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Medicina 99 Announces the Launch of the New Catalogue of Medical Institutions

Medicina 99 Announces the Launch of the New Catalogue of Medical Institutions is one of the best catalogues of medical centers that provide their services in different regions of the Russian Federation. The main objective of this service is to get and systematize information about the most popular and prominent medical institutions in Russia that provide all kinds of medical services.

Experts who work for the company say: “We realize the importance of taking care of health of our citizens. That is why we have recently launched the new online catalogue of the most popular medical centers that provide quality medical services in Russia. We try to update essential information in the catalogue on a regular basis so that our users could be aware of the latest offers of each clinic”. The navigation system of the catalogue is so simple and understandable that each person will be able to use it anytime he/she needs.

The catalogue also provides informative content associated with different kinds of diseases, their symptoms, methods of treatment and effective preventative measures. This is done with the purpose of making people aware of health problems they may face during their lifetime, so that they could be able to consult their doctors on time. The company specialists stress: “The catalogue contains useful information about different health problems and methods of their treatment. It also provides recent news in diverse fields of medicine to make people aware of current achievements. We really hope that this convenient online service will be useful to many people who live in Russia and abroad. This is our basic objective .”

About the Company: is a new online service launched in the Russian Federation. Its main objective is to make people aware of the most popular and professional medical centers that exist in different regions of the country. The company also strives for providing comprehensive and useful information concerning the recent achievements and news in different fields of medicine in order to help people retain good health for years to come.

Contact Details:
Company Name: Medicine 99
Address: Malyshev Street 13/2, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8 (499) 3981173

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