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Meet the Goods Transporters in South Africa

Meet the Goods Transporters in South Africa

Emptying out the home or the office is mostly a pain. You have to call in labourers to lift up and shove your stuff into packing boxes; and in case you manage to do it all by yourself, the next concern chiefly lies with the mode of transportation. In a majority of instances, people hire trucks to do the job. But some concerns, such as safety of the goods, their protection from damage, security against theft etc. remain, until the goods reach their intended destination. Also, most truck hire firms charge exorbitant rates to carry out separate packing and moving functions. But it’s time to leave all worries behind when it comes to moving and packing, because Trucks4Hire is here! Operating throughout South Africa, this firm has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane and Durban. Some of their provisions that set them apart from others in the business are:

  • They monitor their pick-up trucks (used for building rubble removal in Johannesburg and elsewhere) using GPS and Satellite.
  • They have specialised wrapping available for a range of materials and goods types. Plastic wrap, paper wrap, bubble wrap (for electronic goods) et al are available at easily affordable rates.
  • Free transit insurance provided for every time the goods are moved from one place to another. It includes theft, fire and collision damages.

Apart from building clearing assistance, they do rubble removal. They have 4-ton trucks exclusively for this purpose. They demolish buildings, remove structure remnants, and scoop out soil to create water bodies. Besides, they fill up soil to create foundations for buildings, remove load starting from 1 ton, and clear stands for various building projects to start. Their usage of 4-ton trucks for domestic and housing complex purposes (since heavier vehicles are not allowed in these two places) has earned them a considerable good reputation. Trucks of smaller size can also be arranged as per demands and requirements. On their site is a “Quick Quotes” page which enables a potential client to request specific price quotes for any service they desire. To know more, log on to: http://www.trucks4hire.co.za/

About Trucks4hire:
Trucks4hire is a firm that puts trucks on hire for clearing furniture and goods from houses, buildings and offices. Prioritising client satisfaction and efficiency are the twin mottos that have helped them to be at the top of their business.

P.O. Box 785815
Johannesburg, RSA

Landline: 011 058 7000
Cell: 083 68 68 640
Fax: 086 566 4348

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