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Meet the Most Reliable Waterproofing Contractor in Toronto

Meet the Most Reliable Waterproofing Contractor in Toronto

Toronto, Canada, September 22, 2016 — DryShield Water Solution Corp, Canada’s largest waterproofing contractor with 25 years of industrial experience, is much acclaimed for their exceptional quality, work integrity, and customer satisfaction.

DryShield is a basement waterproofing and crack repair company based in the Toronto area. They are nonpareil and have been the benchmark for waterproofing companies for the last 25 years. Listed in a number of magazines such as Love it or List it, Holmes Magazine, MBL, and HomeStarts, DryShield has made excellence synonymous with their service. The high standards displayed through each of the basement waterproofing as well as other projects are a testimonial to their credibility and quality of service.

The skills of these contractors combined with their dedication and integrity have added to DryShield’s record of consistent customer satisfaction, thereby crediting them the most reliable waterproofing services in the industry.

Based in over six locations around Toronto and Ontario, they offer a variety of services from basement waterproofing for commercial and industrial buildings, to crack injections, dehumidification, sump pump, sump well installation, and mold remediation. In addition to this DryShield Water Solution Corp. is fully insured and offers a standard liability coverage of 2 million dollars(CDN), or above for commercial and residential customers. Also, the Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program can be availed for waterproofing and basement repair services from DryShield. This subsidy program is from the City of Toronto, for its residents, to aid them to protect their homes against nature’s events and the consequent damages that occur, such as basement flooding.

About DryShield Water Solutions Corp:

DryShield Water Solutions Corp is a waterproofing contractor that is fully owned by Canadian citizens. Being a Better Business Bureau accredited company translates DryShield into being a trusted and reliable service. To get a free quote or to get an estimate online call us at-1-800-277-5411 or you can also visit our website

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