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Meet The Regulation Advisors

Meet The Regulation Advisors

Regulation is the key to offering citizens (of any country) a physically healthy existence. Food that we partake of, or medicines that we ingest to cure us of ailments, often end up dragging our health into the pits because of improper amounts of chemical ingredients and/or unhyiegenic manufacturing practises. This is where regulation comes in. The Government, upon consultation with panels of medical and food experts, draws up a list of laws and directives which govern the industrial manufacturing of food or pharmaceutical products in that country. Usually, an autonomous or a semi-autonomous body is set up to dispense of the responsibility. Under these guidelines, a particular product is let into the market only after it has passed the required health tests. MRA is often consulted by companies as a third-party approval agency to meet the Government’s regulatory requirements. These ‘third-party entities’ are privately-owned, normally very well-respected private companies who educate pharmaceuticals or food companies about international and country-specific food production regulatory laws. They also provide guidance and inspection of the products up to their packaging. One such company is MRA Regulatory Consultants, operating out of South Africa. They are a panel of health experts who are well-versed in the regulatory laws and environment of South Africa, and provide education regarding it to client companies. They also provide services by way of helping a company get registered without much delay or process complications.

Latest News: MRA offers short, periodic coaching classes regarding Regulatory Affairs in partnership with FDA. Also on its list of services are project-based mentoring of regulation departments; and helping facilities get license and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) certificate. Their area of operation spans a huge range which include medicines and medical products (allopathic, complementary and veterinary), medical devices, cosmetics, foodstuffs, farm feed and stock remedies.

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About Mra Regulatory Consultants:
Having been set up in the year 2003, MRA Regulatory Consultants is a panel of medical experts who provide regulatory education and regulation-based support to a host of concerns, predominantly those active in the pharmaceutical industry. They use the most modern software solutions to produce e-CTD and hard-copy CTDs for the purpose of managing and archiving registration documents. This helps them to life-cycle manage documentation, thereby maintaining each and every registration document in a sound electronic document management system. They offer their services to the pharmaceutical, Food-processing, Agricultural product and Cosmetic industries.

Contact Us:
381 Rossouw Street, Murrayfield, Pretoria
Gauteng, 0184, South Africa

Tel no: +270128031039 / 6223 / 5955
Fax no: +270128033575

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