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Mega Man Legends Launches On The PSN Next Tuesday

Mega Man Legends Launches On The PSN Next Tuesday

30, September 2015: If you’re looking for a new game to buy of the PSN, then perhaps Mega Man Legends is just the thing you’re looking for. Scheduled to go live next Tuesday, it already has many people excited to play. In this guide, we’re going to give you some background information on the cult classic, so you’ll soon understand why so many people are thrilled that it’s finally getting a much desired release on a modern format.

Firstly, this is a very story based game, with an incredible plot line that’ll leave you aching for more. Set many thousands of years into the future, you play a guy called MegaMan Volnutt, who is a kind of teenage archaeologist who is investigating some underground ruins. Without giving away too much of the plot, he meets several fascinating characters along the way, and much adventure ensues.

Gameplay wise, you’d have to categorize Mega Man Legends as a 3d action adventure, but with a very strong focus on the story. Interesting, it’s similar to several of the older games in the franchise, although the previous versions were actually 2d side scrolling platformers. This new 3d action adventure gameplay style adds a great dimension to the game, and makes it far more visually captivating. Free psn codes can be obtained from a site like

Even though the original game was first released several years ago, it’s lost nothing in its charm and appeal – and while it doesn’t boast the latest next gen graphics, most true gamers understand that gameplay always comes before graphics. So if you’re looking for a thrilling and engaging story (the kind you can only ever get from a Japanese game!) then you’re going to be thrilled to play through Mega Man Legends. It’s easily one of the most exciting games to come out on the PSN, and there’s going to be a lot of people buying this when it officially launches next Tuesday.

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