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Michael P. Buckley Collects Donations to Return to United States

Michael P. Buckley Collects Donations to Return to United States

Clemson, SC – Michael P. Buckley, 56, is asking for help to return to the United States.  Buckley worked for a contractor that provided services for the military for eight years until he was injured; he resides in the Philippines for the last ten years.  There, he found that he had no money to return to the United States and was unable to work due to his injuries.  Now, he is asking for help through an IndieGoGo Life fundraiser located on the web at–6/x/9429767 .  Donations will be used to fund Michael’s new passport and return to the United States.

Currently, Buckley is living in a squatter area which is infested, with rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes.  He has filed for Social Security disability but may not qualify until age 56.  His plan is to return to Clemson, South Carolina, and eventually buy a used motor home which will serve as his residence.

Buckley has a long and distinguished career in working in war-torn areas.  He spent seven years in Iraq working for KBR and one year in Afghanistan working for Fluor, companies that supply services to the military.  Six weeks of that year was spent recovering from two operations.  After his medical problems, he was cut from his job due to reduction of force. He could no longer pass the physicals to hire on with different companies.  Michael plans to use the funds from IndieGoGo Life to try to make a new start.

Those interested in making a donation can go to the IndieGoGo Life fundraiser page or send money through PayPal to .  A website has also been set up with support information for the fundraiser, including pictures, documents and verification of his medical condition at

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

About Michael P. Buckley:

Michael P. Buckley is currently seeking financial assistance to return to the United States from the Philippines after an accident that has left him disabled while he was working for a company in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In order to make donations simple and streamlined, Buckley and his friends have set up a fundraiser on IndieGoGo Life.  This website will help those who want to assist Buckley make donations easily and ensure that the money goes where it is intended.

Contact name: Michael Buckley
Address:  Currently living in the Philippines in Caloocan city.

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