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Microtips Technology 7.0 TFT LCD Modules with Capacitive Touch Technology

Microtips Technology 7.0 TFT LCD Modules with Capacitive Touch Technology

Orlando, Florida, January 30, 2016: With their wide range of TFT display modules, Microtips Technology now adds the new 7.0 TFT LCD Modules that come with astounding features. The new TFT comes with an 18-bit digital interface for clearer and pixel-perfect display. The modules can be suitable for a variety of applications, even suitable for small-size handheld devices. The product is remarkable for its low energy consumption and offering bright pictures of 800X480 resolutions.

The new character LCD modules feature the capacitive touch technology that brings the real benefits of 5-point multi-touch for the users. With an improved cover glass design, it is more responsive and doesn’t require a touch panel. It achieves its brightness through an organic technology and promotes energy efficiency. With a 200nit backlight, it helps create an improved LCD interface for a variety of applications used in different business fields, from handheld gadgets to large-size monitoring systems.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that the use and application of the TFT LCD Display is manifold in the present days’ business environment. This is the reason why they continuously invest in the technology to deliver high-end products that can suitably meet the business demands. The new TFT with its OLED technology offers the optimum brightness for recognizing characters, without a need to consume more energy, like a traditional LCD using CCFL or EL technologies. With a significant contrast ratio, the TFT is more appropriate for an embedded system design.

According to the spokesperson, their new 7.0 TFT LCD makes the most advanced liquid crystal display module that is available today in the market. One can enjoy the beautiful looks and appearance of characters that one needs from an LCD display. The display modules have been specially designed to fit into products that conform to the internationally accepted dimensions. This promotes a widespread use of the TFT in a wide variety of applications.

Customers can choose TFT modules with up to 40 characters display in four lines. There are a wide range of specifications and features that can enable a customer to choose the best TFT display to meet their unique requirements. To learn more about the TFT modules and their features, one may visit the website http://www.microtipsusa.com .

About Microtips Technology Inc.

Microtips Technology designs and manufactures high quality LCD display products. From simple touchscreen displays to full turnkey presentation solutions, Microtips Technology stands among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Liquid Crystalline Displays (LCDs) on a global scale. The company provides complete turnkey solutions such as product design and development for its customers, whether in OEM manufacturing or designing. The company is a strong force in the display industry owing to its local sales and engineering support across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Simeon Briscoe
Company: Microtips Technology Inc
Phone: 888-499-8477
Email: mtusainfo@microtipsusa.com
Website: www.microtipsusa.com

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