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Midlife Employment Changes On The Increase

Midlife Employment Changes On The Increase

07, November 2015: With the problem of midlife career changes currently on the rise, UK millionaire author Andy Shaw has exposed how specific challenges have to be eliminated to effectively overcome that job change hurdle.


Picking the best career is a challenging feat to deal with, and in western societies, we are asked to pick our career course even before we’ve selected our GCSE’s. Andy Shaw, author of the significantly popular self-development program, ‘A Bug Free Mind‘, analyses why midlife profession changes are on the rise, and discusses the very best methods to deal with such an existential mid-life change.

Shaw mentioned at his most recent interview: “A mid-life career modification is an in some cases inescapable course in life. After investing half of your life working, you may begin to realize that this isn’t actually something you’ve wished to do for a long time, you just settle into the pattern of routine.” He remained to say that whilst there are a myriad of various reasons for needing a career modification, whether it’s since you’ve realized there is no place left for you to progress in your present role, or you have actually chosen that what was when your dream in your 20’s is now absolutely nothing more than a way to earn money, it’s a process that can cause a great deal of stress in somebody’s life.

“No matter who you turn to for guidance, you’re the only person who truly understands exactly what to do.” Shaw continued. “The only way you can make the right choice is if you are really pleased with the decision you are about to make. Whilst I can’t make the choice for you, my self-development program, ‘A Bug Free Mind’ can offer you the confidence boost you might need to turn your life around.”

‘A Bug Free Mind’ is a self-development program built up through various chapters and videos to remove a negative state of mind and eradicate anxiety problems completely. Shaw suggests that mid-way through reading ‘A Bug Free Mind’, readers may find that they would in truth be happier with a new profession change. The 2nd book in the series, ‘Creating a Bug Free Mind’ will enable readers to become at one with their existing choice of profession, whilst ‘Using a Bug Free Mind’ will launch career alternatives in the reader’s life that they may never have thought of in the past, whether that be working for themselves, or working for somebody new entirely.

“Whatever occurs,” Shaw concluded, “going through the ‘Bug Free Mind’ procedure will make sure that you will get whatever you desire.” The very first five chapters of Shaw’s self-development program are offered to download free of charge from his website,

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