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Midtown NYC Pediatric Dentist Comments on New AAP Guidelines

Midtown NYC Pediatric Dentist Comments on New AAP Guidelines

New York, USA; 02, February 2016: Dr. Amy Lustbader, a pediatric dentist at the Midtown Dental Group is pleased to hear these recommendations, particularly as fluoride varnish applications are a very non-invasive way to protect children’s teeth. She is always keen to point out to parents and caregivers about the need to look after a child’s primary or milk teeth, as their importance is often overlooked.

Using fluoride will help reduce dental caries or tooth decay in young children, especially as the tooth enamel protecting primary teeth is thinner and less mineralized than on permanent adult teeth. This is the reason why primary teeth are more vulnerable to developing caries. If there is a case of an untreated tooth decay, there is a risk that the cavity could reach the pulp chamber of a primary tooth, as this is larger than in an adult tooth and it is easier for a dental abscess to form.

Pediatric dentists are able to assess the risk of tooth decay in children and can recommend suitable preventative treatments, including fluoride varnish applications and advice on diet and oral care at home. Dr. Lustbader often works closely with parents to ensure a young child’s dental health is the very best and she suggests that parents should dispense toothpaste for younger children and should make sure they supervise and assist them with tooth brushing. While fluoride is a useful element in protecting teeth, it is equally important to ensure a child does not swallow excess toothpaste or mouth rinse.

Dr. Lustbader also recommends that only a smear of toothpaste should be used to clean a child’s teeth, up until the age of three, after which a pea-sized amount should be sufficient. Parents and caregivers bringing their children to visit a kids dentist are always encouraged to ask questions about their child’s dental health, including fluoride.

Dr. Amy Lustbader is a dedicated children dentist who aims to provide the very highest quality of care for her young patients. With specialized dental care and education, she hopes to prevent dental disease by creating positive dental habits that will last for life.

About Dr. Amy Lustbader:

Dr. Lustbader’s primary goal is to provide her patients with the highest quality paediatric dental care in a comfortable, warm and caring environment. At Midtown Dental Group, the dentist and her team delivers the best care at a location that works with the busy lifestyle of the citizens.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Dr. Amy Lustbader
Telephone: 212-759-5595

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