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Mobile Signal Boosters in South Africa Now offers a Huge Selection of Signal Boosters and Kits

Mobile Signal Boosters in South Africa Now offers a Huge Selection of Signal Boosters and Kits

10, March 2017: The Signal Booster in South Africa is now offering a huge selection of signal boosters and kits for the guaranteed satisfaction of clients.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of people to varieties of products that include the following: cell phone signal booster, network booster, Vodacom signal booster, MTN signal booster and 3G booster.

In any of the signal boosters chosen, a guaranteed coverage is promised for office, warehouse, facility and cabin. The products have the most unique features that make them the technically advanced and modern repeaters available.

The best possible call experience is promised for user. In addition, the quality of signal is best enhanced for the best mobile phone performance. Through a gain control feature imbibed in every signal booster, an opportunity is provided to limit and isolate the signal to a specific area. Everything that is needed in increasing the strength signal is provided. Dropped calls are also avoided through the use of these boosters.

The ease and convenience of installation and technical support just make these products a must-have. All essential components are included such as external antenna, repeater unit, antenna cable, internal antenna and more. Each of the items comes with technical specifications like transmission delay, power supply, dimension, connector mode, ambient temperature, I/O return loss, I/O impedance, guard band rejection, pass band ripple and gain and more.

With a money back guarantee promised for every product, the system could just be returned and sent back. The money is also refunded for the utmost satisfaction of clients. As per the coverage area of signal boosters, it can range from 250 square meters, 500 square meters, 1000 square meters, 2500 square meters and 5000 square meters.

Other products offered are as follows; building kits, home and office kits, portable kits, accessories and a whole lot more.

It is expected that more people will be interested in purchasing signal boosters from the company for their ease and convenience.

For Media Contact:
Company: Mobile Signal Boosters
Address: Eastgate Office Park,
Road, Eastgate, South Blvd,
Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa
Contact No.:+27 8 7550 9926

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