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Mobissue Flipbook Software Adds New Attraction to eBook on iPad

Mobissue Flipbook Software Adds New Attraction to eBook on iPad

09, November 2015: Mobissue has spent years in research and development to create their latest eBook and digital publishing software, trying to create the most streamlined design that would be interactive, eye-catching, and affordable. Mobissue’s flipbook software uses the same high end style as major publishers and publications in order to create eBooks, catalogs, and interactive demos that go beyond the standard PDF publishing model. Now, freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, and book authors have access to a platform that produces beautiful and engaging publications. The software’s reader has been optimized for mobile phones, iPads, tablets and Windows 8 & 10 users.

“The early feedback on our flipbook software has been nothing but positive from creators and the same can be said for the readers,” states spokesperson Winston Zhang. “So far all of our iPad reader feedback has been that they were delighted with the publications and its interactive capacity. Right now, we’re all pleased to know that the work we’ve done has achieved the desired results from our target audience.”

The Mobissue digital publishing solution creates interactive publications that are just as dynamic on mobile platforms as that of PCs and laptops—something very important in the mobile generation. The use of state-of-art HTML5 template technology has enabled a very easy and efficient process for publishing materials, and making those materials visually appealing. Given that HTML5 viewers are available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows8 and web) the user knows they have a ready-made audience that requires no additional software to read their publication.

For more information of flipbook software, visit the website at: Follow Mobissue on CrunchBase: Media contact via

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