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Mobissue Flipbook Software – the Best Fit for Digital Publications Based in HTML5

Mobissue Flipbook Software – the Best Fit for Digital Publications Based in HTML5

02, January, 2017: While more and more growing consumers are using their tablets and mobile devices in consuming their contents, everyone had seen the major development and growth of digital publishing platforms to provide optimum advantage for the digital publishers as well as the virtual brandings. With a goal in mind to provide a more innovative option, Mobissue is created, which has known to be the best flipbook software for the digital publications based in HTML5.

Mobissue is a Flipbook Software, which will effectively make the publisher’s content look like a real book using the advantage of HTML5. Using this Flipbook Software, the users will no longer need an effort coming from designers to make their digital book look more appealing. Thus, they can save cost from a service they hire. In addition, the user interface that is based on HTML5 will provide all the necessary tools, allowing the users to create their own unique flipbook.

Mobissue Flipbook Software is a must-have tool to all digital publishers in mind. It has extensive features to help them create a smooth flow of their digital book. With its newsstand for mobile, all user’s mobile publications are automatically collected in a nice looking newsstand and it can be shared on mobile or embedded in user’s website easily. Users can also create personal portfolio homepage on Mobissue. The advertising system will allow the users to serve ads and notifications to the readers. Furthermore, the users are also given a great chance to effectively manage their subscribers. What ‘s more, this flipbook software is SEO friendly in both smartphones and tablets.

“Mobissue flipbook software is a great tool,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue. “We created this solution with a mission not just to outperform other publishing platforms out there but also to let the users make use of their full potential in utilizing efforts in publishing.”

For more information, please visit Mobissue website.

About Mobissue:

Mobissue Software Co. Ltd. is the world-leading provider of mobile digital publishing software. They are creating a state-of-the-art platform that will be taken advantage by both users and readers. Users can create their own engaging publication while readers can acquire a unique experience with the help of platform.

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