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London, United Kingdom; 15, August 2016: There is no denying that console gaming is a pastime enjoyed by many. Today, the two dominating consoles on the market are Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. When it comes to buying new games consoles, people often get add-on accessories too.


But, there is a profound gap in the market for unique gaming controllers. And that’s a niche aims to target! The website sells a range of custom controllers for current and previous generation consoles.

Visitors to the website can browse and buy from scores of custom modded controllers. Each one has a unique design to suit a gamer’s tastes, styles and mood.

The need for personalised games console controllers

Many gamers like to customise their consoles according to their unique tastes and styles. But, there has been little choice on the market when it comes to modded controllers. As such, gamers felt like they have no choice but to stick with the standard designs and colours.

There has been a growing demand for a provider of high-quality modded controllers. Today, hopes to fulfil those needs with their range of stylish designs.

The games console controller designs offered by the website are suitable for:

* Microsoft Xbox 360;
* Microsoft Xbox One;
* Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3);
* Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4).

How it works

The process that use for creating bespoke controller designs is innovative. Unlike their competitors, they don’t sell adhesive stick-on “skins” for games controllers. Instead, they offer modded controllers that use a process known as hydro-dipping.

In a nutshell, hydro-dipping is a form of water transfer printing. The process offers the best and highest quality results. It also means there is no weight added to the controllers. That results in no ill-effects to gameplay performance.

Once each controller gets hydro-dipped, a layer of clear yet strong lacquer gets applied. It’s a vital stage that ensures the protection of each freshly applied design.

Custom logos, graphics and text

The design customisation process doesn’t just end there! It’s also possible to add extra bespoke design elements. For example, customers can add their gamer tags and IDs.

They can also have graphic elements that perhaps have a special meaning to them. One example could be the logo for a particular game franchise like Call of Duty.

Controller modifications

One can also further customise their new controllers with unique mods. Domin8or buttons, mod chips and different button designs are all available. As are thousands of unique colour combinations for each element!

About is a website offering a range of games controller customisations and mods. Unique designs, modded buttons and even LEDs are some of the many possibilities on offer! Modded controllers are available for current and previous generation Microsoft and Sony consoles.

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London, EC1A 9ET, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)7784 547455

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