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Mohr Publicity Continues Tradition of Excellence in the Digital World of PR

Mohr Publicity Continues Tradition of Excellence in the Digital World of PR

Los Angeles, CA; 17, September 2015: Mohr Publicity caters to companies looking for the best affordable Internet marketing money can buy. In business since 1997 Mohr Publicity is a public relations firm dedicated to using the newest social media strategies to promote products, TV shows, movies, actors, singers, music and companies. They use advanced tactics and complex Internet marketing to get their clients “growing” on Twitter and going “viral” on VEVO or YouTube.

Mohr Publicity

The Mohr Publicity Company consistently shows a 100% positive review record online. How do they maintain this level of client satisfaction? Mainly, the organization says they make meet customer needs with primacy and efficiency. It’s an old-school business code applied to today’s virtual world of social media online.

“We look at each client with an entirely fresh perspective no matter how many times they order from us,” says CEO Sandra Mohr. “Then, we research to learn how we can slipstream their products into today’s trending NEWS.”

A slipstream is a region behind a moving object that has less resistance so progress can be made easily. When a biker follows closely behind his opponent, it is easier for him to pedal because he is in the other racer’s “slipstream.” So, to slipstream a client into popular culture, Mohr Publicity targets the trending news of the day and uses that momentum to their advantage.

Mohr Publicity has a client base comprised mostly of medium sized businesses, established actors, new authors, and up-and-coming singers. These customers have usually come to Mohr Publicity after trying other firms first. Their technicians hear stories each week from discouraged actors and singers who have been unsuccessful breaking into the tightly controlled entertainment industry. Most have spent thousands of dollars with little progress to show for it. This is where Mohr Publicity comes into play. Each set of marketing services they offer is affordable. They do their work efficiently, and provide detailed reports showing proof of work completed. For this reason, Mohr Publicity tops the list as one of the most effective PR agencies in Los Angeles.

Mohr Publicity employs more than 40 highly trained social media experts who have a talent for making clients “trend.” Mohr Publicity is one of America’s top PR agencies and their affordable services make every dollar work. Mohr Publicity continues to help young stars and musicians get their start in the music and movie business. Year after year, the team at Mohr Publicity has continued to grow using traditional and online press releases and new social media strategies to promote their clients in all aspects of the entertainment and business world. For up and coming stars, creating a personal brand is critical. Mohr Publicity continues to deliver world-class branding services to boost bright talent to stardom.

About Mohr Publicity:

Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency specialized for the digital universe, but also skilled in the traditional media. We’ve been in business since 1997, we follow all the changes and innovations in the media, and we know exactly how promotions work. We know precisely how to help you succeed.

For Media Contact:
Name: Denise Hubbard
Phone Number: 213-446-6334

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