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Murder Mystery Texas Makes March A Month Of Mayhem

Murder Mystery Texas Makes March A Month Of Mayhem

Dallas, Texas – When Robert and Debbie Banks brought Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Theater to Dallas, it was an instant hit with audiences. Over the last 25 years thousands have been enthralled by the immersive story-telling and engaging plotlines in one of the most unique dinner theater experiences in the area. This March, Murder Mystery Texas declares a state of mayhem, and challenges new audiences to try their hand at amateur detective work.

When you attend a Murder Mystery Texas event, you immediately become a part of the action. Because the actors intermingle with the guests during the pre-dinner reception, everyone you meet is a potential suspect. You must pay attention to every word that you hear, and watch for the smallest clue that could reveal the true killer. This adds an air of engagement lacking from other dinner theater productions.

While you eat you will pick up clues and have a chance to interview the other guests. Slowly you’ll see the pieces of the puzzle come together, until a surprise twist throws all of your theories out the window.

This March sees a total of six performances, four in Dallas in two in Fort Worth. The rotating scripts and changing cast of characters ensures that no matter how often you go, you are guaranteed to have a different experience each time.

Dallas shows are located at the Old Mill Inn in Fair Park, while the Fort Worth dinners are at the Hilton Hotel. Tickets must be purchased in advance, for $63 per person. The price includes dinner, entertainment, access to the cash bar, tax and tip.

The Mayhem in March is sure to be another shining example of why Murder Mystery Texas is the most sought after dinner theater ticket in Dallas. Grab your significant other, a group of friends or some people from your office and put your detective skills to the ultimate test.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Murder Mystery Texas at 817-572-2212 or visit their website to make your reservation

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