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MyFitness Club: Helping Health & Fitness Enthusiasts Reach Their Goals

MyFitness Club: Helping Health & Fitness Enthusiasts Reach Their Goals

Gold Coast, Australia; 23, January 2016: Millions of people want to stay in shape and get fit. The trouble is; many fitness fans are reluctant to visit their local gyms. Some find them intimidating, male-oriented places to be. Others are unsure whether they’ll have a positive experience.

MyFitness Club

MyFitness Club aims to revolutionise the gym experience for all. What they offer is a fun, friendly atmosphere. Boasting many Gold Coast gyms, MyFitness Club provide a unique and memorable experience. But, what makes them different to other gyms? And why should people go there instead of working out at competing gyms?

Why MyFitness Club is Queensland’s no. 1 gym provider

There are many positive benefits to signing up with MyFitness Club. First of all, the stereotypical image of a male-dominated gym doesn’t exist there. That means people of any gender or age are welcome to use the facilities.

MyFitness Club’s aim is to make their gyms accessible to all. They don’t discriminate, nor do they tailor their services only for a specific niche. One of the main selling points is the vast range of facilities and services on offer.

One can take part in intense cardio classes or rejuvenate their bodies with yoga. In fact, there is something for everyone at all MyFitness Club gyms!

They focus on providing each client a holistic approach to health and fitness. With a fitness plan catered to their needs, they’ll help everyone reach their goals.

A friendly, positive environment

It doesn’t matter whether one needs personal training or an ad-hoc approach to fitness. Everyone is welcome at all MyFitness Club gyms. What’s more, each location offers a friendly and positive environment to work out.

There is a broad range of classes and facilities on offer from MyFitness Club.


Each MyFitness Club gym has a strength training area packed with a plethora of equipment. They offer the perfect way to add variety to any training programme. What’s more, they help to increase lean muscle mass and tone.

Examples of the equipment on offer include plate loaded machines, benches and dumbbells.


MyFitness Club provides a range of leading cardio equipment. From treadmills to cross trainers and rowers, anything one may need is available.

For those new to using gyms, MyFitness Club’s expert staff can show clients how to use each machine. They’ll also give guidance on how to get the best of them.

Ladies-only area

It’s a well-known fact that some women can feel intimidated when working out at a gym. For ladies that demand privacy from their male counterparts, there is the ladies-only area.

Each gym features that section and is, is essence, a “mini club” within the main gym.

About MyFitness Club:

A leading gym and fitness provider for the Gold Coast area of Australia. MyFitness Club has revolutionised the gym world and offer clients a unique experience. Everyone is welcome at a MyFitness Club gym, regardless of their gender or fitness needs.

For more information, contact:
Yarden Malecki
MyFitness Club
Level 2, Shop 27 Oasis Shopping Centre
Victoria Ave
Tel: +61 (0)7 5504 5480

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