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Nakajima-Holdings.com Issues Non Profit Grantsb

Nakajima-Holdings.com Issues Non Profit Grantsb

11, December 2015:This year, the Foundation awarded more than $100,000 for in grants for programs provided by 20 charitable organizations around the country.

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This year’s grants exemplify NH’s ongoing commitment to supporting community organizations that help people live more independently, successfully and productively.

The Foundation’s grant program supports large and small nonprofits serving diverse populations. The program also matches employee fundraising efforts on behalf of qualified charities.

Since its formation the NH Foundation has given away more than $3.3 million to eligible charities in Asia. In addition to its local grant program, the Foundation funds charities that have a national footprint. In past years, these awards have ranged from $25,000 to $175,000. The Foundation also supports groups that provide assistance following a natural disaster. Employees nominate the charities for disaster-relief grants of up to $5,000 each.

“Throughout the year, we encourage our employees to nominate their favorite charities for grants,” says NH Foundation Aneha Yoichi. “As you can see, the groups represent many different interests but they all provide important services to adults and children. These charities make a difference in people’s lives.”

About Nakajima Holdings:

Nakajima Holdings (nakajima-holdings.com) is one of the most respected investment advisors on the financial markets. Relationships matter to us. The company provides a broad range of products and services to its clients, all backed by a commitment to excellent service. Their offering comprises a pragmatic active investment range, best of breed multi-manager solutions, as well as smart alternative asset management. The portfolios are managed in line with the pragmatic value investment approach, with the objective of providing real returns to the company clients. Nakajima Holdings offers management expertise across a comprehensive range of segregated and pooled portfolios.

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