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Nature Cups Introduces 100% Recyclable K-Cup

Nature Cups Introduces 100% Recyclable K-Cup

04, November 2015: Nature Cups is now introducing 100% Recyclable K-Cup for people who have the passion in drinking a cup of coffee.

The aim of the company is to become the pioneer in the recyclable single-serve cup movement through the 100% Recyclable K-Cup.

In 2014, almost nine-billion K-cups were thrown in the landfills and non-recyclable K-cups are circling the earth fourteen times. The company is moving toward reaching its goal without cutting corners, settling for anything less and taking the business overseas. The full-flavored, fragrant and smooth coffee blend is also offered for all users with the fresh flavor that passes through the coffee-loving and strict standards of the company.

With the “Love Every Drop” Guarantee, coffee lovers will only need to notify the company for their original purchase. The immediate refund will be issued immediately for their guaranteed satisfaction. Coffee lovers only need to choose between drinking amazing coffees without harming the environment and sacrificing the flavor for the purpose of being “earth friendly”.

Nature Cups is presenting its delightfully cheeky and amazing flavors in making the Earth a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable place. A deliciously caffeinated cup will be served at any time possible. The recyclable K-cups are designed and made in the United States with one-hundred percent recyclable materials.

Apart from it, the coffee and coffee filters are one-hundred percent biodegradable. Even the foil lids and single serve cups are one-hundred percent recyclable. People will enjoy it more having a great cup of coffee and doing the Earth a big favor. This is due to the reason of the company introducing its 100% Recyclable K-Cup.

It is expected that the main purpose of the company in providing only great tasting and earth-friendly coffee will be achieved. All coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers will love it participating in the goal of being earth-friendly. Good thing, all of the single serve coffees are compatible with Keurig 2.o and are one-hundred percent recyclable.

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