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Need Badges? Need a Magnet? Contact BadgeMags

Need Badges? Need a Magnet? Contact BadgeMags

If you’re a member of a club or an activity centre, then you definitely know what having a badge means. Or maybe you had to wear a school badge when you were little. Sometimes a badge is also required to be sported by the employees of a particular workplace. And a magnet needs no introduction at all. So what’s the connection between the two? Nothing, unless you have a look at the website description of BadgeMags, a South African site which deals in badge and magnet sourcing and manufacturing. They are magnet and name badge suppliers who: either get the materials from their chain of trusted suppliers, or manufacture the products themselves. Badge pins, badge magnets, multi-fit badges nothing is beyond their reach. Priced at competitive rates, they take orders online or via telephone, and have a reputation for delivering within the specified date. The most common magnets they deal in are:

  • Sintered neodymium-iron-boron magnets.
  • Ceramic Antistrophic Ferrite magnets,

Magnets have certain terms attached to their use. The phrase “pull strength” of magnet refers to: The type of material being pulled against, surface conditions, physical contact, plating composition and presence/absence of lateral and rotational forces. Magnets generally attract metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel.  The North and South poles have the same power. Nd-Fe-B magnets have the capacity to remain magnetised over an indefinite period of time. Flux density fluctuation is almost minimal in them.  A magnet usually undergoes degradation because of physical factors such as corrosion, age, heat and high magnetic fields can demagnetise these magnets. These magnets behave ceramic in nature, and it is extremely difficult to drill them or fit them into machines. When drilled, they show signs of cracking and chipping, and produce power which is inflammable.

Lastly, the “Curie temperature of a magnet” means a temperature, heated above which the magnet becomes overactive. All of BadgeMags’s stock magnets are zinc-plated and therefore highly corrosion-resistant. The firm’s site recommends use of a two-part epoxy adhesive in case you’d want to glue a magnet on to another object or surface.

About BadgeMags:
BadgeMags is the number one magnet suppliers South Africa. It is a supplier and procurer of badges, magnets and badge materials. They manufacture or import the requisite materials/parts as and when an order is placed. Set up back in 2002, BadgeMags has served a number of domestic and international badge and magnet companies and related communities, with their prompt and reliable service.  Visit to know more about their products and services.

Unit #1, Ringer Park
Printers Way
Montague Gardens
7441,Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
tel: +27-(0)21- 552 7643
fax: +27-(0)86- 649 9520

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