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Neem Extract Market : Global Industry Analysis By Application Market Size, Global Growth, Share And Forecast To 2015-2022 |Brisk Insights

Neem Extract Market : Global Industry Analysis By Application Market Size, Global Growth, Share And Forecast To 2015-2022 |Brisk Insights

According to a recently published report, the Global Neem Extract Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 16.1% during 2015-2022 and it estimated to be $1.37 billion by 2022. The global Neem extract market is segmented on the basis of segment, applications and geography. The report on global Neem extract market forecast 2015-2022 provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

Global Neem extracts market is expected to reach a good high by 2020. Rising significance of bio fertilizers in developed regions including North America and Europe because of stringent government rules on the usage of chemical fertilizers is more likely to raise Neem extracts market over the forecast period. Moreover, Neem extracts are extensively used within the manufacture of excessive high quality natural cosmetics and beauty merchandise. Demand for these products is growing globally as a result of their efficiency and less harmful effects which are expected to influence demand of Neem extracts products.

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Growing demand for bio pesticides and bio pesticides is more likely to pressure Neem extracts market over the future. High response from buyers on the use of chemical fertilizers owing to environmental and health considerations is anticipated to drive the Neem extracts market specifically in Europe and North the United States. Furthermore, bio fertilizer market in rising developing economies including India, China and Brazil is expected to enhance Neem extracts market over the forecast period. However, changing climatic conditions and high prices are predicted to restrain Neem extracts market development.

The major players profiled in the report include E.I.D-Parry (India) Limited, Neeming Australia Pty Ltd, Agro Extracts Limited ,Ozone Biotech, PJ MARGO PVT. LTD, FORTUNE BIOTECH LTD., GRAMIN INDIA AGRI BUSINEST, GREENEEM AGRI (P) LTD, PARKER BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, the Indian Neem Tree Company. Innovation and R&D are the key winning strategy of the market.

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1. Global Neem Extracts Market by application 2012-2022
1.1. Global Neem extract for Pharmaceuticals market 2012-2022 ($ billion)
1.2. Global Neem extract for personal care market 2012-2022 ($ billion)
1.3. Global Neem extract for chemicals and fertilizers market 2012-2022 ($ billion)
1.4. Global Neem extract for animal feed market 2012-2022 ($ billion)
1.5. Global Neem extract for others market 2012-2022 ($ billion)

2. Global Neem Extracts market by segment 2012 & 2022
2.1. Global Neem extract for seed extract market by type 2012-2022 ($ billion)
2.2. Global Neem extract for leaf extract market 2012-2022 ($ billion)
2.3. Global Neem extract for bark extract market 2012-2022 ($ billion)

3. Global Neem Extracts market regional outlook 2012-2022 ($ billion)
3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Central & South America

4. Competitive Landscape
4.1. E.I.D-Parry (India) Ltd
4.2. Neeming Australia Pty Ltd.
4.3. Agro Extracts Limited
4.4. Ozone Biotech
4.5. Pj Margo Pvt. Ltd
4.6. Fortune Biotech Ltd.
4.7. Gramin India Agri Businest
4.8. Greeneem Agri (P) Ltd.
4.9. Parker Biotech Private Ltd.
4.10. The Indian Neem Tree Company
4.11. Bros India Group
4.12. Prithvi Exports
4.13. Kancor Flavors and Extracts
4.14. Neem Indeneed Corporation
4.15. Mother Herbs Pvt LTD.
4.16. Neem Aura Naturals
4.17. Organic Neem
4.18. Neemco LTD.
4.19. Neem Genie
4.20. Vanashree Agrotech

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