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New Book Distills Innovation Process to 5 Easy Steps

New Book Distills Innovation Process to 5 Easy Steps

The Innovation Diamond©: New Book by Cris Popp Offers a Guaranteed 5, Easy Steps To Create New Ideas, Solve Problems, Improve Profitability, Innovate and Stay Ahead of The Pack.

Melbourne, Victoria, January 28, 2015 — Today Cris Popp announced immediate availability of ‘The Innovation Diamond’. Mr. Popp, has combined his 25 years of hands-on experience, with the lateral thinking techniques of Edward DeBono and the thinking of Tony Buzan, into an incredibly simple, yet effective process that is suitable for teams or individuals. ‘The Innovation Diamond(c)’ is a powerful five stage process that can be used by individuals or teams to “exploit opportunities, create ideas, solve problems, and innovate”.

With no previous skill or knowledge, readers will be able to run the ‘Innovation Diamond(c)’, to develop new solutions to old problems. While it is suitable for individuals, its real benefit is for better team outcomes.

It’s also a delight to read- filled with great quotes, and fun facts, e.g “It’s easier to tame a wild idea, than to make a tame idea wild.”

The reader will discover, why “brainstorming”, is one of the worst innovation techniques for teams. Instead of brainstorming, Popp outlines a modified technique that works every time.

Positive Customer Impact

Many have already benefited from the techniques delved into in ‘The Innovation Diamond’. “We got the Managing Director to sign-off on an outcome immediately which is fantastic … we’ve got total engagement of the people.”Al Kalvaitis, GM, Multi Slide Industries

Availability of ‘The Innovation Diamond’

‘The Innovation Diamond’ is available for immediate download from the bookstore as well as numerous other bookstores including Google, Amazon (Kindle), iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Baker and Taylor and Ingram Digital.

About The Author
Cris Popp has over 25 years experience in innovation. Organisations hire Cris to help them be more innovative — whether that means developing new products, expanding into new markets, streamlining processes, beating the competition, creating a positive culture or doing more, with less.

He first studied lateral thinking techniques at “the world’s oldest thinking club” in Richmond, Melbourne in 1994, before going on to write his first innovation strategy and completing his thesis on innovation, in 2004, at Deakin University.

He has helped many organisations, both in the public and private sector, create their innovation strategies, develop a culture of innovation and build their skill and capacity for ideation — from conception through to commercialisation.

Clients consider Cris’ solutions to be unique, effective, practical, and results-oriented.

He uses a wide range of decision-making and problem solving skills — a session with Cris is highly engaging and productive.

He is available to help you with strategic issues, professional development, workshops and mentoring. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he travels widely throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, spreading PoPP — “Power of Positive Performance”.

Since 2010, (based in Sudbury, Massachusetts) has helped thousands of authors and publishers get their books converted to ebook format, and distributed to all the major ebook retailers, including,, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Readerstore, Ingram Digital, and Google eBookstore.

Cris Popp
PO Box 12404
A’Beckett St
Melbourne, Vic 8006
+61 438 545 607

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