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New Book Explains How Working Professionals Can Boost Their Career

New Book Explains How Working Professionals Can Boost Their Career


KNOXVILLE, TN – Business professionals who have resolved to make 2015 the year they write and publish a book that will establish them as recognized experts in their sector will find the help and advice they need to achieve that goal in the latest book from international business strategist Dr. Daryl D Green.

The new book, Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine Proven Steps for Gaining More Influence, offers strategies, practical guidelines and resources, as well as valuable tips to help business professionals develop and publish their book.

Dr. Green explains that writing a book which delivers information relevant to their target readership is an effective way for entrepreneurs and other professionals to strengthen their personal brand and position themselves as experts in their field: “Building a personal brand is vital for working professionals,” he says. “Writing a book is a dealmaker because it separates you from the pack.”

However, while modern publishing technology makes it easier than ever to be a published author, entrepreneurs may hesitate as they are uncertain of the best way to proceed. Dr. Green’s advice is not to wait around in the hope that a major publisher will pick up your book, but to proactively seek out other publishing strategies, including small presses and self-publishing. “We live in an era of uncertainty and continuous change,” he points out. “Individuals need to do what is necessary in order to survive this current market crisis. Setting yourself apart by writing a book is a perfect way to showcase your expertise in the marketplace.”

In addition to being the author of several books, Dr. Daryl D. Green has more than twenty years of management experience, during which time he helmed a range of million-dollar projects. He is also a nationally syndicated columnist, with more than a hundred articles published both domestically and worldwide. Readers who find his latest book helpful may also be interested to view his Pinterest board on Publishing for Professionals, which can be found here: http://www.pinterest.com/drgreen2014/publishing-for-professionals/

About Daryl D. Green

Leadership Development expert, Dr. Daryl D. Green, lectures and writes about contemporary issues impacting individuals and businesses. He has been quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and Associated Press as well as a wide variety of professional societies across the nation. Dr. Green is proud to announce his latest book release “Book Publishing for Professionals,” a valuable tool for career advancement.

Dr. Daryl D. Green

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