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New Business Offers Editorial Consultation and Erotica

New Business Offers Editorial Consultation and Erotica

COUPLETWOUPDOWNThe Warren Communications, a diverse media company based in Stephentown, New York, has commenced operations offering editorial consultation and photography services while marketing original erotica by subscription.

The enterprise is headed by David Verzi, a veteran journalist, whose features, essays, stories, criticisms, poems, and photography have, over twenty-five years, appeared in numerous publications in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts, as well as nationally. In addition, Verzi served as a communications coordinator at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, and, for over ten years, as the editor of the Berkshire Jewish Voice in Pittsfield, MA.

“The Warren Communications,” said Verzi, “is dedicated to offering thoughtful and thought-provoking consultation regarding every aspect of editorial preparation. As we believe that ‘low-key’ is the key to setting our clients on a path to success, rather than pontificating our procedure stresses enlightening conversation which aims to empower the customer to grow incrementally confident and better prepared.”

The company’s efforts in erotica center around a monthly offering provided subscribers at least 18 years of age via email or postal service. “Erotica as a literary genre is in decline as trite and four-letter-word replete stories seem to hold sway over the category,” said Verzi. “We seek no less than to reverse the trend by presenting strong, erudite, original narratives that access beautiful language and structure in the spirit of the classic works of Anais Nin, D.H. Lawrence, and John Cleland.”

“Leading The Warren Communications’ direct-to-reader initiative that once again infuses erotica with a picturesque lexicon and sophisticated structure is the most important undertaking of my career,” said Verzi, who noted that he will soon lend his photographer’s eye to the campaign.

“The value of the power and peerless aesthetic appeal of the natural female form, which should be celebrated, is unappreciated and under assault by those, mostly men, who leeringly disparage it; by those, mostly women, who have been led to be embarrassed by it; and by those, in general, who lack sensual understandings,” said Verzi.

“Yes,” said Verzi, “our offerings are engaging and entertaining, but they are also innately educational.”

The Warren Communications is visited at and reached at or (518) 733-9125.

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