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New Clean Coal Technology is Good for Environment and the Coal Fired Power Industry

New Clean Coal Technology is Good for Environment and the Coal Fired Power Industry

Recent rulings on coal may come as a breather for the coal industry, but it’s hardly future proof. To safeguard the interests of the environment and legitimize the use of coal, a solution such as Burn Less Coal’s clean coal catalyst technology is good for the environment and breathes new life back into the coal power industry.

New York, July 23, 2015 — President Obama’s signature campaign towards a green legacy just took a setback, with the Supreme Court judgment that ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to curb the use of coal and also emissions of greenhouse gases. But this decision of the Supreme Court, led by Justice Antonio Scalia, in no ways puts the nail on the coffin of the president’s campaign. What is more, this ruling in favor of the coal industry may not be entirely black and white. Here’s why.

The “Mercury Case” ruling had a 5-4 victory which held that the costs were of utmost concern to the bench. In terms of the result on the environment, this victory is a major setback because it means that coal companies can essentially continue generating power. America needs all the jobs that it can keep. America needs to energy to run or it will not be able to compete with its allies and foes.

Just to clarify the ruling, the Supreme Court judgment, in no way at all, completely negates the proposal to curb mercury emissions. It just adds more hurdles to the EPA’s proposed crackdown, slowing coals seemingly inevitable demise.

Even though the judgment has been touted as a major victory for coal companies, in terms of future prospects, the situation still looks fairly bleak. As per the Clean Act Rule, it is still possible for companies to be shut down and the use of coal prohibited without any concern about the families and jobs these irrational moves undermine and damage.

This move, however, is foolhardy for at least two reasons – a) Because proposed replacement fuels such as Natural Gas aren’t as “Clean” as environmentalists would have you believe, and b) The expense of switching out existing systems of combustion, production of energy, and transportation would accrue more economic debt and put tens of thousands of people out of their jobs.

The coal industry is part of the human legacy – the best approach, perhaps, is one that doesn’t completely forsake it, but instead takes into account years of painstaking research that allows coal energy to become a more clean, green fuel than it is at present. By minimizing the amount of infrastructural changes required, by allowing workers to retain their jobs, by creating new jobs, truly clean coal allows a seamless delivery of energy without the pollution. A new approach using a clean coal catalyst provided by the company, Burn Less Coal, serves this very end. This catalyst increases heat of the combusticon of coal and reduces the amount both carbon monoxide (up to 76%) and carbon dioxide (up to 40%) gas produced, it can increase energy efficiency by up to 25%. When coupled with Burn Less Coals new 99.9% effective W.E.S.P. air scrubbing technology coal power production can bear nearly 100% clean.

Futuristic solutions such as these are perhaps the only way to protect the interests of both the coal industry and the environment.

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