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New Cutting Edge Technology Reveals Da Vinci’s True Genious

New Cutting Edge Technology Reveals Da Vinci’s True Genious


New York, NY – Leonardo da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa, has always been the largest man made mystery of our civilization….until now.

New York City based art enthusiast/collector, Abriani Velroa, announced on Tuesday, February 18, 2015 that he has created a new and innovative technology that reveals the artist’s true meaning in the Mona Lisa.  “I have spent the past five years developing this process, which provides this new perspective,” says Velroa.

For centuries, speculations have swirled around this masterpiece that remains as the largest man made mystery of our civilization.  “These speculations have led to countless amounts of art historians, critics, scientists, and researchers to try and unravel this untold mystery.” says Velroa.  “Authentic and meaningful answers have not been revealed until now. ”

Velroa’s new perspective of evaluating da Vinci’s work further shows the artist’s true genius, but also brings controversy and new questions about the meaning behind the Mona Lisa.  “da Vinci created a three-dimensional image carrying out a perfect moving sequence within a confined space, mathematically correct with no mistakes,” says Velroa.  “Everyone needs to understand that this painting is actually a technology not yet recognized or recorded. ”

Da Vinci successfully created his own magical world that defies the rules of optics and physics, using an array of color combinations that change completely to bring out hundreds of additional layers.  “To successfully view his masterpiece, we must approach the work with unconventional rules that do not follow the conventions of today’s art,” says Velroa.

Abriani Velroa is now available for interviews about his new and innovative technology.  Call now for bookings!  For more information, log onto

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