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New developments trend of today’s agricultural tractors

New developments trend of today’s agricultural tractors

China – From the production and using condition for the Sprout Cultivating Line , the major developments trends for this machine could be concluded into following tips.

First, the average power has a large and continuously increasing. Whether it is the agricultural or industrial used tractor, the average power for this machine continues to increase to improve the productivity of a stand-alone machine. However, as the limitation of the engine and mechanical parts, the growth rate for their power has been decreasing now.

For the agricultural tractors, the wheeled tractors have the predominant position. Most countries have basically not using crawler tractors in agricultural production. However, those countries which have the complicated ground situations still use the crawler tractors. The countries such as Russia, Italy and China are good examples. However, the using rate for this kind of tractor has declining.

Thirdly, the safety, easily manipulation and comfortable inner environment of Rice Transplanter have became more and more attentively factors for each tractor manufacturer such as Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd . The driving room and instruments with excellent design and manufacturing process could not only improve working conditions of drivers but also could help to ensure safety and improve the productivity and quality of labor force.

Fourthly, the tractors and their components become more and more universal and standardized. This trend let the tractor manufacturing, using and components parts supplying become so convenient and low-cost. To be able to meet with the market demand by several basic models of tractor, many major tractor companies such as Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd produce their tractors into few series and models.

Fifthly, the hydraulic technology has also widely applied into these tractors. In modern tractor especially the large size tractors, the manipulation of all major components are applied the hydraulic means, such as a power clutch, transmission shift, differential speed lock, brake and steering mechanism parts.

Sixthly, some certain components of tractor can face with the fatigue damage after long time withstand for randomized alternating load. This situation will do greatly impact on tractors¡¯ reliability and longevity. In order to further improve the product quality, the large tractor companies such as Zoomlion Heavy Machinery have invested more money and manpower to improve the designation and structure of the tractors by preparation a lot of simulation test and stress analysis.

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