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New Direction for Women announces link between addiction and trauma

New Direction for Women announces link between addiction and trauma

Costa Mesa, California; 23, October 2015: Therapists are convinced studies have finally proved emotional trauma is at the root of addiction.

Southern California-based rehab clinic New Direction for Women have been studying addiction for years but say it is only now professionals are starting to understand the huge part caused by trauma.

NDFW facility treats hundreds of addicts a year who they help recover from chemical dependency. They say it is only recently the awareness of trauma in a person’s life is being addressed properly as one of the causes of problems in later years.

A spokesperson for the company said recent scientific studies have suggested almost a third of people treated for mental illness end up abusing substances. That rises to one-half of people with severe mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. New Direction for Women also point out that almost a third of people with alcohol issues and more than one-half of all drug abusers are fighting mental illness.

The company, based in Costa Mesa, reckon emotional trauma has often been overlooked by experts in the past.

New Direction For Women says they have known since the 1970s that professionals have understood that trauma is often one of the key factors at the heart of addiction. Yet they believe it is only recently the trauma has been addressed and treated properly.

They say, therapists, are now understanding the role of trauma, but highlight it in their treatment of those with an addiction. Because of this it is now seen as a co-occurring disorder.

New Direction For Women have studied recent research into alcohol and drug dependency and pointed out problems for addicts could go back to childhood. They say that research has shown how a history of childhood neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse is common among people undergoing treatment for alcoholism and could be a factor in the development of alcohol use disorders.

According to the company, statistics show how people who have emotional trauma in their lives are likely to turn to substance use disorder.

They say 33 percent of female alcoholics and 24% of male alcoholics have gone through abuse in their lives compared to just 8.4 percent of the total population.

In addition to abuse at home, the clinic also believes other types of trauma witnessed by youngsters can also trigger emotional problems later in life

They point to recent studies which looked into the affects of children studying near Ground Zero at the time of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Those studies found that the children who knew people there were more likely to use drugs and alcohol.

A statement from New Directions for Women said the two issues of trauma and abuse have to be treated together in the form of treatment known as dual diagnosis.

About New Directions for Women:

New Directions is a holistic, women-only treatment facility for all kinds of addiction, which offers help to women regardless of age and women with children as well as pregnant women. New Directions has more than 30 years experience helping women recover from substance use disorder.

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