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New Directions for Women Announces New Page On Profiling Patients With Chemical Dependency

New Directions for Women Announces New Page On Profiling Patients With Chemical Dependency

Costa Mesa, California; 30, September 2015: Leading women’s only rehab facility New Directions for Women has announced a new page discussing the different profiles observed in patients with chemical dependencies and the implications for courses of treatment.


The page focuses on recent work from the University of Navarre on patient behavior and treatment. This study found that patients with addictions fit into a number of profiles, and in a larger view tend to fall into two categories: whether patients display addiction-associated violent behavior and whether they’ve committed crimes.

One of the study’s lead researchers observed that the patient profiles allow experts to predict treatment results and therefore improve treatment. The research also goes beyond making treatment more effective and also helps treatment centers like New Directions adapt treatment to the patient’s specific needs and helps save both material and human resources.

Very often, people struggling with chemical dependency have experienced some form of violent behavior or crimes. The study, titled “Differential profiling and treatment developments of drug-audited patients dependent on violent behaviours and or criminal acts,” is therefore highly useful for improving treatment of patients who have this disease.

The study was conducted by taking a sample of 49 women and 203 men. All had completed outpatient treatment in a local facility near the university.

The researchers found that some 14% of patients only displayed violent behavior associated with addiction, about 34% had committed a non-violent crime, about 26% had both committed crimes and showed violent behavior, and around 27% of addicts had not committed a crime and did not display any violence.

These 4 categories were watched over a 3-year period, in connection with looking at other profiles. The scientists wanted to see whether the violent behavior or criminal acts correlated to a cessation of patient’s outpatient treatment, or whether it affected the relapse rate.

Of the 39% of patients who displayed violent behavior (with or without crimes), all patients in the category felt they were unable to control their behavior. Often they were generally more likely to use it for purchasing drugs or getting money.

Patients with associated violent behavior tended to be younger than the other patients, more likely to be victims of some sort (sexual, psychological, or physical) and consumed substances with greater severity and greater overdose rates.

Of the 60.3% of patients who had been cited for crimes, these were mostly single men, who tended to be struggling with addiction to multiple substances and again, a higher addiction severity rate.

Patients who fell into both violent and crime categories had a higher chance of dropping out of the existing treatment program or re-entering treatment later.

According to the researchers, there has been no previous research like this to help with substance abuse treatment.

About New Directions for Women:

New Directions is a non-profit women’s only treatment facility that is located in Costa Mesa, California. New Directions offers help for women of any age, pregnant women in all trimesters, and women who have children. Since their founding in 1977, New Directions has accumulated more than three decades experience treating addictions in women.

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