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New Era: The UK’s Leading Red Diesel & Industrial Lubricant Suppliers

New Era: The UK’s Leading Red Diesel & Industrial Lubricant Suppliers

Harlow, United Kingdom; 23, January 2016: New Era are suppliers of high-quality commercial fuels and lubricants. The company have been offering red diesel, kerosene and other products for over 90 years. From a small Essex-based firm, they have grown into a leading supplier for the whole of the UK.

New Era

With vast industry experience, New Era offers the best advice and support to its clients. Their unparalleled knowledge means they can supply the right products for any individual needs. As a result, they’ve built up a lasting relationship with their customers.

What sets apart New Era from their competitors?

One reason customers buy from New Era is because of their extensive product range. They offer a broad range of gas and oil products suitable for many uses. Their products get used by everyone from commercial and industrial clients.

A unique selling point of New Era Oil UK is their specialism in bulk delivery services. Many of their competitors can seldom accommodate large orders. With New Era, that problem is a thing of the past!

What’s more, they don’t just offer a “standard” bulk delivery service. They can even deliver next working day. Or, if there’s an emergency, they can provide a same-day service. Few of New Era’s competitors boast such a level of service.

The company can deliver any orders using 200-litre drums. If needed, they also have a fleet of mini and multi-compartment tankers available. That gives New Era the possibility to deliver any size of order, regardless of how easy the site access is.

New Era doesn’t just deliver to customers in Harlow and the greater Essex area. They have a strategic network of delivery partners that allow them to offer a UK-wide service.

Gas oil

New Era sell a range of gas oil products. Red diesel is one such example, used for a range of off-road applications. Examples include plant machinery and agricultural machines. If needed, New Era can also deliver “white” diesel for road-going vehicles. That means companies can get the right legal fuels for all their firm’s vehicles from New Era.


Many Euro 5 and Euro 6 commercial vehicles need to have AdBlue. It is a solution made from urea that helps to lower diesel emissions. Its job is to reduce nitric oxide levels. New Era is Britain’s premier supplier of AdBlue for commercial vehicles. Customers trust New Era because their AdBlue product conforms to the ISO standard.

About New Era:

The company is the UK’s leading supplier of gas oil and red diesel fuels. New Era first started trading back in 1919. Growing from a humble operation, the firm is now recognised throughout Britain. They offer a range of oils and fuels used by various industries.

For more information, contact:
New Era Fuels UK Ltd
First Floor Essex House
4 Astra Centre
West Road, Off Edinburgh Way
CM20 2BN
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1279 882760

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