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New features and services on Growth Trades

New features and services on Growth Trades

images01Growth Trades has established itself as a trusted source, always expanding.

One of the new features is something called Live Prices. All the major currencies are listed. It is in a table form. When the mouse moves over a selected currency, it will automatically highlight and compare it to the prices of other currencies. Live prices also include Indices, Commodities and Interest Rates. All the prices are in real time.

Another new service is Social Trading. It is essentially a system allowing traders to copy others and increase their own success rate.

Cash is the centre of the universe. It is considered security for many investors. Trading in forex provides traders with the security of cash while potentially benefiting from the interest rates of various countries. It is also a very liquid market. IronFX and SunbirdFX are two forex services offered by Growth Trades.

The benefits of trading binary options are numerous: low costs with fast returns, limited risk, large range of traded assets and trade anywhere anytime. IQOptions is a leading broker and can also be found on the Growth Trades website.

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