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NEW REPORT: Overview of Computer Recycling by SOCIALBOX.BIZ

NEW REPORT: Overview of Computer Recycling by SOCIALBOX.BIZ

28, November 2015: For a number of reasons including but not limited to Corporate Social Duties, Space Limitations, Health & Safety, Data Protection and Environmental laws, many businesses, organizations and small companies are now keen on recycling their old and redundant computer equipment, but are not sure of where or the best ways to start.

This step-by-step guide will describe precisely what needs to be done to prepare your devices for recycling. It will likewise offer a brief summary of what options are available for recycling.

Step One– Identify Devices to be Collected
Although this seems like a very obvious and basic step, you would be astonished by how many companies have no idea which departments have redundant IT devices, or even the quantity of equipment they have in store. A quick telephone call or e-mail to each department asking them for the quantity of items they have would generally save you a great deal of time and hassle in the future.

Step Two– Identify Services Required
When you have identified the amount, and perhaps even the age and quality of computer equipment which is to be recycled, you will have to choose which services you require.

(a)Collections– Are you able to deliver the devices to the recycling site or will you need them to do the collecting? Kindly remember that most businesses will charge you for collection. Some may charge you a one-off cost while others might charge per device collected. Depending on the number of devices you have, you ought to choose which is the most affordable option.

(b)Equipment Tracking and Certification– Do you need a full breakdown of all equipment disposed of and a certification of discharged liability? Some companies need these and other paperwork for auditing as well as for other corporate duty purposes.

(c)Delicate Information Removal– The majority of businesses are reluctant to send their computers for recycling or reuse because of the fear that the sensitive data in their computers might be extracted and used for dishonest purposes. Your credible recycling/reuse organization should have the ability to offer you a solution in certified drive wiping or else, you can ask your IT department to get rid of all the information before the computers head out. Bear in mind that getting rid of the data will take time; allow for a minimum of one week for this to take place, or more, if you have a large number of computers.

(d)Broken and Hazardous Materials– Certain electronic products are considered dangerous if broken. Screens are one example. Nevertheless, other products can also be dangerous if they have leaking parts, have been left in the rain, or are rusty. You should make sure that your chosen recycling/reuse company is certified to take these broken items away. Because of the harmful nature of these items, you will most likely be charged a higher cost to have them gotten rid of through an authorized expert.

(e)Worker Schemes and Charitable Donations– Some businesses would like their equipment sold to workers or donated to charities, but do not wish to deal with the administrative headache of doing this. Certain recycling organizations such as SOCIALBOX.BIZ will collect your equipment and set up such plans for you. Kindly note that charities might not always accept such devices if they are older than their existing PCs versions.

Step 3– Select a Recycling Company
After choosing which services your business needs, you need to select a recycling company which fulfills all your requirements. If you have a a great deal of equipment, it would be better to deal with a business that charges per collection instead of per product. If you need accreditation, you need to ensure that the business is authorized by the Environment Agency to carry waste. As soon as you have selected a recycling company and set a date for collection, you will have to collect all your redundant equipment into one place. Likewise, make sure that the front office staff knows the collection details e.g. date, amount of items, etc.

About is a reuse and recycling organization devoted to the reuse and recycling of redundant IT and other electronic equipment. is based in London and provides nationwide collection of IT and electronic equipment at a low cost. Our concern is to ensure that devices gotten is re-used, thus extending their lifespan and minimizing waste. We provide all the services discussed above in addition to providing training to local unemployed and unskilled youths.

The range of solutions offered by address the following issues for companies in London and the UK:
– Corporate Social Duties
– Space Limitations
– Health & Safety
– Data Security
– Environmental laws

If you would like to help you arrange a recycling event for your business or your neighbourhood, please contact us:

For more information, kindly visit:

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