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New Research Report on Rosemary Extracts Market, 2016-2026

New Research Report on Rosemary Extracts Market, 2016-2026

Rosemary extracts are extensively used as a natural food preservative. In addition to their preservative properties, rosemary extracts have an appealing aroma and flavour, making them an appealing ingredient in various end-use industries.

Rosemary traces its origin to the Alps, and today, it is commercially cultivated to meet the growing demand from various end-use industries. In the recent past, natural and organic have become all-pervasive in the food and beverage sector, influenced by rising awareness among consumers about the potential health impact of consuming foods with artificial ingredients. This has catalysed demand for rosemary extracts, as manufacturers scour for ‘healthy’ ingredients.

Owing to the sustained demand for rosemary extracts, manufacturers are ramping up their R&D efforts, resulting into evolution of sensory characteristics, performance, and supply. Commercial production hubs for rosemary extracts are located in the Mediterranean countries, such as Morocco, Spain, and Turkey. In the U.S, agricultural production of rosemary is growing from a small base, principally in the Southwest. Rosemary extracts are categorised as natural preservatives and are formally adopted into the EU food additive legislation. It allows food companies to use the label “antioxidant: rosemary extract”.

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Rosemary Extract Market Trends

While rosemary extracts have witnessed sustained demand in the recent past, the all-pervasive health and wellness trend is expected to further boost its case as far as adoption in the manufacture of food products, skin care, and pharmaceuticals is concerned. The positive impact of rising consumer awareness on the benefits of natural and organic products is already being witnessed in other categories, such as rising adoption of stevia as a sweetener and scouring of natural food colourants. Rosemary extracts are primed to ride on the coattails of health and wellness trend, and manufacturers who market their products as such, will be better positioned to cater to the consumer sentiment. Leveraging the reach of social media to promote discussions on ‘healthy’ products can also contribute to consumer education, an investment that will likely pay off for brands who are looking to consolidate their position in the long run.

Rosemary Extracts Market Segmentation

Rosemary extracts are formally segmented on the basis of variety, application, and region.

On the basis of variety, rosemary extracts can be segmented into

  • Camphor-borneol
  • 1,8 cineole
  • Verbenone

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All these varieties are used for commercial purposes, Camphor-borneol has essential antioxidant properties and enjoys dominant market share and is widely used in the manufacture of premium products. Verbenone and cineole rosemary extracts are expected to witness strong demand during the forecast period.

Rosemary extracts are further segmented on the basis of its application into food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household, cosmetics, and pet food. Being a natural preservative, rosemary extracts find wide-ranging applications in the food and beverage industry, especially in nonalcoholic beverages, bakery products, meat products, and culinary spices. Demand for rosemary extracts is also quite robust in the pharmaceutical sector, where it is used for manufacturing drugs to treat skin allergies, and the reduce progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Geographically, rosemary extracts have a huge supply base in Europe, where Spain accounts for the bulk of supply and exports. France is another key market for rosemary extracts in Europe – both in terms of production and consumption. Outside of Europe, North America and Asia Pacific will be key to growth of the rosemary extracts market during the forecast period 2016-2026.

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Rosemary Extract Market Key Players:

Rosemary extracts has gained popularity as a preservative with anti-oxidant properties. The competition is growing between the major players, with increase in back-end integration by the key players like Kemin, in the market. Major Rosemary extracts manufacturers are Dansico (DuPont), Kalsec, Kemin, Naturex, Nutrafur, Frutarom, Flavex, Geneham pharmaceutical, Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd., and Suptek.

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