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New South Vet: They Care For Your Pets Just As You Do

New South Vet: They Care For Your Pets Just As You Do

Dogs are a human’s best friend. This statement can be widened and modified to say that “Pets in general are mans’ best friends”. They are no less than a family member, especially dogs. Hence, if they were to fall ill, we fret to no ends and mess up our heads worrying about the correct treatment that should be implemented. In this connection, you may be introduced to New South Vet, a veterinary nursing home situated in Johannesburg. Providing veterinary services in Johannesburg on a 24-hours-a-day basis, it guarantees a speedy recovery in the case of most animal ailments. The services offered, include routine check-ups, vaccination against deadly virus/bacteria, sterilisation, surgery (all kinds), emergency services, patient monitoring, dental cleanings, digital radiography and every other kind of medical procedure one could imagine or come up with. Sick dogs are provided intensive care in the under-floor-heated kennels.

After any surgical procedure is completed, the patient is kept under a twenty-four hour observation in order to prevent them from developing any complications, and further health treatments are advised based on the conclusions drawn. In the field of digital radiography, the clinic boasts one of the best in-class digital radiography services which include hi-tech radiography instruments, designed and engineered in a way that produces accurate X-ray representations of the pets’ body parts. The clinic’s in-house biochemistry tests are available on a 24-hour basis like its most other facilities; it is equipped with a laboratory where all kinds of veterinary biological tests are carried out by qualified lab practitioners. Emergency vet services are available here.

The Clinic has a great stock of Pet Deli which is available to customers at low prices. The foodstuffs are natural, nutritional-factor-optimised and wholesome. They have been created keeping in mind the health necessities of pets of every kind, especially dogs and cats of every breed.

Last, but the not least, they boast of ultra-modern and updated pet ultrasound diagnosis. Apart from accurately confirming pregnancy among pets, they predict gestational ages by assessing the presence and nature of the structure of the foetus. They undertake various procedures such as the measuring of gestational sac (GSD), crown-up length (CRL) and head diameter (HD). If you are looking for vets in Johannesburg, New South Vet is there to assist you.

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About New South Vet:
New South Vet is a multi-purpose veterinary clinic located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It provides quality treatment to pets and gives educated information to clients regarding pet health.

203 Biggarsberg Street (Corner Losberg)

Tel: 011 682 3213
Fax: 011 682 3844

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