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New Team Website Released by Utoken Millionaires Club

New Team Website Released by Utoken Millionaires Club

Adelaide, Brisbane, Australia – The Utoken Millionaires Club has launched its new website to help team members receive new leads for their business as well as providing social proof, team building and team testimonial success stories to all visitors. The Utoken Millionaires Club is quickly becoming known as the big name that everyone wants to join.

The Utoken Millionaires Club was founded by Deliah Hudson and Gineen Whiunui on 24th December 2014 and combining their networking talents with the internet marketing skills of Stephen Metcalfe lead to the exclusive team sales funnel that’s providing mass duplication for all new and existing team members. This also lead to the development of the team website at http://UtokenMillionairesClub.com to provide social proof, team building and team testimonies success stories to all visitors.

Utokens are a new form of digital payment that has been used across more than 25 countries throughout Asia. It is rapidly becoming introduced throughout the western world having initially expanded from Asia. It provides a way for individuals to make safe transactions without using their credit card or banking information on the internet.

The Utoken Millionaires club has an active Facebook group as well as chatroll to provide team members the opportunity to share best practices and give advice to one another in order to sell more while learning more about team members throughout the world.

The Utoken Millionaires Club, since being released, has performed significantly better than expected. In the past seven days, Google Analytics showed the website progressively gaining traction with more than 1700 views with an average of 3.86 pages being viewed per session. The geographical breakdown was across the majority of English speaking countries around the globe, including all of North America, the UK, Australia, and South Africa. It has also been viewed throughout various parts of South America, Africa, and Western Europe.

The Utoken Millionaires Club’s mission is to expand the reach of the Utoken into the English speaking countries of the world while supporting all existing and welcoming new entrepreneurs who embrace the Team focused philosophies of both founders.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Utoken Millionaires Club or how to join the club, they may visit http://UtokenMillionairesClub.com in order to get more information by clicking on the Contact Us button or by directing their questions to the live online chat service.

Deliah Hudson
Utoken Millionaires Club
10, 44-48 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes, South Australia, Australia 5095
+61 451138593

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