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New Technology Allows School Districts to Instantly Gather and Track Student Physical Activity

New Technology Allows School Districts to Instantly Gather and Track Student Physical Activity


Walk4Life, a US company head quartered near Chicago, has completed development of their patented SmartCase system. A long trusted provider of pedometers and activity monitor technology for the fitness and wellness market, Walk4Life has recently focused on developing the SmartCase system to support physical educators challenged with providing state mandated physical activity requirements. School districts nation-wide have struggled to balance limited resources with mandates to achieve national academic standards. In many cases this has led to hard administrative choices resulting in significantly reduced physical education programming and the elimination of recess in many districts.

Recently in California, parents concerned that state mandated physical activity requirements were being ignored, launched and won a law suit against several school districts. This has raised alarm bells amongst school administrators and their boards throughout California and across the nation as they struggle to document the physical activity levels of their students. In addition the case has been made that a strategic use of physical activity can help students be more ready to learn, improve classroom management and deliver better academic performance.

In response to this need, Walk4Life developed the SmartCase system which enables teachers, physical fitness coaches and school district administrators to easily and accurately, gather, monitor and track the physical activity of individual students and most importantly report the data in class, school or district group reports.

“We have a long history with physical educators and have valued their support over the years. There are a large number of activity units available today but nothing has existed, until now, that allowed the easy gathering of group data. We are excited to be able to provide them with a powerful and affordable solution that will document and support the effectiveness of their programming.” says Andrew Carver (CEO –

“State’s physical fitness laws were put in place to protect our children and ensure that they were subjected to proper levels of daily activity, I am proud to be able to provide this wonderful technology in support of the valuable role of our children’s physical educators”  (Walk4Life Sales Manager Ann Mayon) .”.

For more information contact at (888) 422-1806 or emailing them at

Contact name: Andrew Carver
Company Name: Walk4Life
Contact Number: (888) 422-1806
City: Oswego
State: Illinois
Country: United States

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