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New ultra high 4K definition products by CG4TV.com

New ultra high 4K definition products by CG4TV.com

CG4TV.com is an online store who is planning to add new products to their catalogue that is ultra high 4k definition video products. They are already well known for providing their clients with numerous 4k quality products. They have many customers who are requesting such virtual backgrounds and are expecting to get the higher resolution version for their ultra high definition video projects. They are also expecting that most of the updated virtual news sets will arrive at their online store before summer. CG4TV is basically a green screen backgrounds store and these backgrounds are generally for software based low cost video editing products like iMovie, Final Cut pro, Adobe Aftereffects and many other video editing solutions. The products they offer are all professional high quality that are mainly used in TV shows and also used by video editing professionals. They serve different type products but out of them the most popular products are the 3D animations and the virtual sets.

Most of the customers of CG4TV.com are TV broadcast producers and video professionals. This online virtual set store is highly popular among them. One can purchase a single product at a time or can also purchase them in a package. All products are available in different resolutions. Along with each product the price of the same is also displayed. Another advantage of this online store is that all CG4TV products are royalty free. Their product categories include virtual news sets, 3D animations, 3D images, animated backgrounds and a lot more. The store  does not have resellers, so the all products are exclusively used to this store.  E-spaces have been successfully running their CG4TV online store for the past 5 year and all of their products are available for immediate download.

The VP of the business development wing Helen Netherfield says, “As 4K has become the norm everybody expects you to add this new resolution. It is something we will be doing for all our new products, but also will render upgraded version for all our existing products starting from virtual news sets.”

The CEO Philippe van Nedervelde also quotes, “If our clients who purchased products in our store in lower resolution versions want to have ultra high resolutions instead, we will be happy to upgrade their virtual sets to 4K resolution for the price difference only.”

About CG4TV.com:

CG4TV.com is a brand produced, possessed and designed by the award winning company E-spaces. Built-in in 1996, E-spaces were one of the primary practitioners in the world about 3 dimensional graphics that is ‘virtual reality’. Being a design studio, this business creates photorealistic practical sets, 3 dimensional graphics static pictures, online 3 dimensional practical earth, 3 dimensional active commercials, technology and science 3 dimensional ideas, etc.

Contact person: Helen Netherfield
Company: E-spaces
Phone: 310 601 8234
Address: 1st street, Santa Monica, CA 90304
E-mail: helen@e-spaces.com
Website: http://www.cg4tv.com/virtual-set

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