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New Video Sharing Platform Poses Tough Competition For YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo

New Video Sharing Platform Poses Tough Competition For YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo

New York, NY – ZippCast today announced its one year anniversary. It was launched March 1st, 2014 by its Founder and CEO Louis Gualtieri from Niagara Falls, NY. At first glimpse it appeared to be just another “underground” video sharing platform to most. It still is a small community but it has been growing remarkably fast. With hundreds of new videos getting uploaded and thousands of new visitors every day, it has proven to be a solid platform that is developing every day to fit the needs of its users.

The company’s past has been extremely bumpy with unsuccessful runs. It has been noted to have failed a few times due to technical failures and or financial issues. With that said this has been by far its most successful launch. Many content creators and general audiences from all over are moving to the platform in swarms. It’s not just for the content that is being uploaded to this new platform, but something more…

“This looks like the old version of YouTube”, “The guys that run this place really care about their users”, “I can upload my videos without having to deal with FAKE DMCA notices”… These are just some of the things users have expressed about ZippCast. ZippCast has brought back the features and aspect of “Old YouTube” as most would say. You can create and customize a channel/profile, upload/watch videos, gain subscribers, make friends, comment without the enforcement of a “third party site”. This is just very little of what can be done.

It is well know that content creators on YouTube can make money off of their content through “networks”, or “partnerships”. ZippCast doesn’t have the ability to do so, but don’t let that discourage you as it’s been announced that they are working on a feature of the sorts. It will be labeled as the “CMP” meaning creative monetization program. Obviously following similar rules set on YouTube partnerships, it will give content creators the ability to earn money from their content through the use of ads. There have been some discussions of added features to enhance functionality as well.

Copyright is a big issue in today’s world of content sharing, more prominent in the video industry. ZippCast just like everyone else does follow and agree with the “DMCA” process. However they commonly express the abuse of the system by most of their competitors through an automatic system known as “Content ID”. ZippCast has no intentions or plans to ever implement such a system. “Until the law states we have to, we will not use an automatic content ID system” said Louis Gualtieri. It has been said many times by the team at ZippCast, “We will protect our user’s right to fair use”. That statement is one of many reasons it is attractive to content creators such as but not limited to lets players/gamers, reviewers, and critics.

ZippCast has gained much of the old content as well as new. It follows by the motto “Be Seen”, as it attempts to give all content creators an equal chance to build a fan base, gain views, etc. ZippCast is most definitely something you will want to keep your eyes on and possibly become a part of in its early stages.

Louis Gualtieri
Phone: 1-877-361-6892
Fax: 1-877-361-6892

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