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New Website Launches Reviewing Top Online Businesses and Products

New Website Launches Reviewing Top Online Businesses and Products

Portland, Oregon – If you’ve ever tried to go into business for yourself, statistically you failed. That is to say despite the fact that over 50,000 people start a new home-based business in the US alone every month, most don’t make it. In fact over 90% are finished inside of 6 months.

A newly launched website out of Portland, Oregon hopes to change all that. Doug Skordal, creator of , says “I wish someone had put together a resource like this when I started out in the industry nearly 20 years ago. It would have saved me a ton of money and a great deal of heartache.”

“Most people want additional income and end up starting an online business because they know a friend or family member involved, NOT from doing their own due diligence. They want to make an educated decision, but it simply is too much work to review an entire industry or industries, and they end up making a choice based on impulse and emotion. The results usually are not pretty.”

Skordal says being a leader and trainer both at the corporate level and in the field for two decades, he realized the pitfalls and disadvantages that a brand new person faces even before they get started.

“Our goal is to become the number one business opportunity review and teaching website in the world, dramatically reducing the failure rate of newbies. Our reviews are unbiased and allow someone to gain real facts in order to make the best possible decision for success. We offer valuable education, insight, downloads, tips, tools, training and more.”

“For those who want to create more traffic and site visitiors for their existing businesses, that is what I specialize in. I am available for a variety of services including branding, design, site creation, sales funnels, social media management, and automation. For those who want to take their businesses to the next level of excellence, affordable coaching and consulting packages are also available.”

“I can’t wait for you to stop by the site. There is a wealth of information that may literally change your life, and as always, I welcome your feedback.”

About Doug Skordal

Doug Skordal has been a field leader in several record-setting direct sales global organizations, and has served in such roles as Designer, Marketing Manager and Director of Affiliate Operations at the corporate level. He has been creating top producing websites, funnel systems, sales tools and online training for nearly twenty years. Helping others succeed and realize their full potential is what Doug considers the most rewarding part of his work.

Doug Skordal

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